Pirate News

Assignmetns due for the week:

1. Monday 9.14 Math Center
2. Lesson 2 Exit Ticket

1. The Sun Brain Pop Questions

1.Monday 9.16 Math Center
2. Lesson 3 Exit Ticket
3. Istation assignment: Life Cycle of a Frog

1. Social Studies Exit Ticket

1. Topic A/B Quiz (Math)
2. Text Feature Matching (Quiz grade)

What We’re Learning:

CAFE:  We will be learning about Text Features in Non-Fiction text.  

MATH:   We will start learning about place value this week.

WRITING:  We are going to learn how to use a graphic organizer to help us organize our thoughts before we start writing.

SCIENCE:  We are learning about the sun

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Will return after report cards

Notes from Miss Maness: