Bethany Maness

 Welcome to Maness' Mateys!!

Please look through my tabs for more information.  The Pirate News tab will have information about what we are learning this week in class. 



*Money for the April events is due by April 16th.  Total cost for both activities is $12.50
*Monday April 16th will be our class shopping day at the book fair!
*Tuesday April 17th we are going to Putt-Putt.  We will leave at 11:45 and return at 1:45.
*Science is Fun is coming April 19th.
*Charlotte's Web April 27th.

**Attendance is very important over the next 2 weeks.  Our Mclass window has opened and I will be working hard on getting their reading assessments done!

*Ice cream will be on Wednesdays.