Student Government

Student Government Officers 2020-2021

SGA President - Emmery Perkins
SGA President-Elect - Sarah Greene
SGA Secretary & Treasurer - Kaitlyn Klumb

SGA Faculty Advisors
Caitlin Cushing ccushing@rivermill-academy.org
Ben Darnell bdarnell@rivermill-academy.org

Senior Class (2021) Officers

President - Mattie Davis
Vice President - Yolanda Midianga
Secretary - Chloe Conner
Treasurer - Stefany Hendrix

Class Advisors
Virgilla Curmon vcurmon@rivermill-academy.org
Ronda Watkins rwatkins@rivermill-academy.org

Junior Class (2022) Officers

President - Caleb Risen
Vice President - Katie Gomez
Secretary - Alliyah McMahon
Treasurer - Cole Horning

Class Advisors
Caitlin Cushing ccushing@rivermill-academy.org
Jon Stapnes jstapnes@rivermill-academy.org

Sophomore Class (2023) Officers

President - Daniel Espinosa
Vice President - Emma Mays
Secretary - Joey Janicki
Treasurer - Elizabeth Chanda

Class Advisors
Pauline Johnson pjohnson@rivermill-academy.org
Jessica Solomon jsolomon@rivermill-academy.org

Freshman Class (2024) Officers

President - Gjazelle Bryant
Vice President - Mae Mae Massie
Secretary - Johnathan Ward
Treasurer - Teagan OConnor

Class Advisors
Ben Darnell bdarnell@rivermill-academy.org
Tammy Powell tpowell@rivermill-academy.org

Please remember that any high school student can be a part of the SGA Club.  These are our elected officers, but we are always in need of hard workers and bright ideas.