Behavior Expectations and Grading

**Most assignments I give will have explicit directions and/or a rubric online under the specific subject's name (ie language arts, social studies). Students will need to provide me with work that is neat, proofread and edited for mistakes, etc. They will need to follow all directions/requirements I have set forth.

Grading Scale
90-100= A

59 and below F

In this class, students will be graded based upon homework/classwork, projects, quizzes, and tests.  Other formative/summative assessments, papers, and participation will be factored under these general categories. Parents should check the parent assist module of Power School to monitor their child's grade throughout the year. It is also helpful for students to have access to this password so that they can check grades as well.


Daily Homework

·       The missing assignment will show a dash or blank on Powerschool.
·       Students will receive an automatic 10 point reduction on homework turned in 1 day late. They will receive an automatic 20 point reduction if work is turned in 2 days late. After 3 days, all late work turned in will receive a 0/no credit.
·       Students who miss work due to absence may have up to 3 days to complete the missed assignments.

**Students are responsible for getting their missed work from their teachers. Lengthy absences 
will receive reasonable consideration; parents should contact me if they are concerned about work missing due to absence.


·       The only reason to miss a quiz or test is due to absence. As such, tests or quizzes are to be made up within one week of the return to school.

·       Make-up quizzes and tests should be taken outside of class time. (Before or after school is best.) 

Behavior Expectations

Successful classroom communities are based on mutual respect. As a teacher, I expect the students I teach to show respect to me and also to their fellow classmates.


*Students show ME respect by:

  • Turning their voices off whenever I begin talking or turn off the lights.
  • Keeping their eyes on me when I am speaking (unless they are copying/taking notes).
  • Following directions the FIRST time they are given.
  • Waiting for permission before leaving their seats for any reason
  • Never texting or using cell phones during class time.
  • Completing assignments fully and turning them in on time.
  • Using laptops only for language arts work while in class (i.e. not messaging, watching videos, reading unrelated materials, or working on homework for other classes).



   *Students show respect to each other by:

  • Not causing disruptions during lessons, tests, etc.
  • Caring for others through positive actions and words.
  • Reporting bullying or other unacceptable behavior to the teacher.
  • Performing assigned duties while completing group work.
  • Listening intently when other students express ideas, ask questions, or present work to the class.



   * I show respect to my students by: 

  • Listening intently to their thoughts, ideas, and questions.
  •  Providing a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn.
  •  Stating my expectations clearly at the beginning of the year.
  • Enforcing the rules.
  • Rewarding those who consistently follow the directions and rules.
  • Clearly presenting all homework and assignments.
  • Returning homework and assignments in a timely manner.



*After a direction has already been issued to a class:


  • One warning will be issued to a student (name will be written on the board)
  • If a second warning must be issued, a check will be placed next to the student's name. This will indicate an earned lunch detention.
  • Three strikes and the student is out, and either I will determine a relevant consequence, or the student will be  referred to administration who will determine a consequence.