About Mrs. Rieger

Samantha Rieger

Hi! My name is Mrs. Rieger and I am so thrilled to be joining River Mill Academy's middle school faculty this year. Although this is my first year in middle school, I have experience teaching high school English 2 and 3, AP English Language, as well as community college writing courses.
I have a Master's Degree in Higher Education, Teaching English with a Graduate Certificate in Rhetoric and Composition. My Bachelor's Degree is in English, Secondary Education. S

Everyone always asks me, “Why in the world would you want to teach?” The answer is simple: young students are undervalued and underappreciated for the impact they have on society. Many adults look down on students engaging in political discourse because “they are just children – what do they know?” However, others criticize these same students for being too lackadaisical and uncaring. I believe that my job as an English teacher is to teach students to find their voice and their place in society. I want to teach them how to speak up, loud and clearly, with sound claims, avoiding logical fallacies, with evidence to build their credibility. I believe my job is to create future citizens. This is the most important job in the world. With English teachers, encouragers of writing, research, and analysis, we are able to find hope.

I am married to a Software Engineer, Alec, and have a two year old terrier mix named Monroe!