What's due

6th and 7th - check document link for final exam review and study guides, Science final is Thursday, May 18th

6th and 7th grade- final Notebook Check, Monday, May 8th
Wednesday, May 10th:
6th - Vocab test on terms for Organism's response to the environment and pollution
7th - Human Body Systems Test 2

6th grade  - Notebook Check, Monday, April, 24th - terms for Photosynthesis and Cellular respiration
Unit test on Wednesday, April 26th, Plants, Photosynthesis, and Cellular Respiration

7th grade - Human Body Systems Test 1, Wednesday, April 19th

Notebook Check - Tuesday, April 18th (6th grade - extension from 4/6)
Thursday, April 6th  (7th grade)

Friday, March 31st - Science Fair Board due (6th and 7th)
Wednesday, March 29th 6th grade Sound Unit Test
Tuesday, March 28th 7th grade vocabulary test - Respiratory and Circulatory System

7th grade Notebook Check - terms for Circulatory System, Friday, March 24th

Application and Abstract due Monday, March 20th:

Helpful website for writing abstracts with an example to view: http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_abstract.shtml

Application: One paragraph that answers the following questions:

How does your project relate to real world problems or situations? How is the experiment of practical value?  How can the experiment serve others?

Abstract: The Abstract should be one paragraph written in the third person.  It is a one page 250-word maximum summary of the entire project. It should answer three questions: (1) What were you trying to do? (2) What actually happened? (3) What significance are the actual findings?


Application included and describes practical value of the experiment. 30 pts.

Abstract included and addresses questions/summarizes project. 30 pts.

Assignment written in paragraph form using correct spelling and grammar. 20 pts.

Assignment is neat and either typed or printed by hand on lined paper.  20 pts.

7th grade-Notebook Check, Friday March 17th

6th grade - Notebook Check, Monday March 13th
Vocabulary test, Sound Energy terms, Tuesday March 14th

6th and 7th grade Science Fair Results and Conclusions due Friday, March 10th (please note extended deadline)

Results and conclusions rubric:

Author uses precise and accurate language and includes scientific vocabulary. 5 pts.

Author provides clear logical thoughts. 5 pts.

Author uses evidence and reasoning to support or refute the hypothesis. 5 pts.

Results and conclusions are written in complete sentences using proper grammar and spelling. 5 pts.

Assignment is typed or printed with neat handwriting. 5 pts.

7th grade: Notebook check, Monday March 6th
Vocabulary test Tuesday, March 7th

6th grade Electromagnetic Wave poster:

Assignment, Due Friday, March 3rd:

Select one type of electromagnetic wave to research (ex. Radio, microwave, Infrared, visible light, x-rays, etc.). Design a poster that describes your choice.

Display at least 5 scientific facts related to your choice, including the wavelength range, frequency range, relative amount of energy, and potential uses for your chosen type of electromagnetic wave.

Show any references you used in your research (a minimum of 3 to 5 references are recommended) on the back of the poster. Do not copy information directly from your sources!


Poster includes images that describe chosen electromagnetic wave. These can be drawn, cut from a magazine, or printed. 25 pts.

At least 5 scientific facts are included related to chosen wave. 25 pts.

At least 3 to 5 reputable resources/references are included. Information is in the student’s own words and not copied from sources. 25 pts.

Poster is neat and visually appealing, demonstrating that student spent appropriate time and effort to produce a quality product. 25 pts.

6th grade Unit test, Light  Thursday, March 2nd

7th grade Healthy Ad Campaign Poster:

Due Monday, Feb. 27th:

Select one environmental or lifestyle factor that can influence human growth and development. Design an ad that will help people make positive, healthy choices related to your chosen factor.

At Home: Research your chosen factor and include at least 5 scientific facts related to your choice.


Ad includes images that influence individuals to make healthy choices related to chosen lifestyle or environmental factor. 25 pts.

At least 5 scientific facts are included related to chosen factor. 25 pts.

At least 3 to 5 reputable resources/references are included. 25 pts.

Ad is neat and visually appealing, demonstrating that student spent appropriate time and effort to produce a quality advertisement.  25 pts.

7th grade unit test, Reproduction and Growth, Thursday, Feb. 23

6th and 7th grade notebook check, Thursday, Feb. 23

6th and 7th grade
Monday, Feb. 20th - Table and Graph/Chart due for Science Fair Project, can be printed from the computer or hand drawn

Science Fair Table and Chart Rubric

At least one data table is included.  5 pts.

At least one graph or chart is included.  5pts.

Type of graph or chart chosen is appropriate for displaying data. (bar graph vs. line graph vs. pie chart, etc.)  5 pts.

Table(s) and graph(s)/chart(s) include a title and axes labels or key as appropriate. 5 pts.

Table(s) and graph(s)/chart(s) are neat and visually appealing.  5 pts.

6th grade: Notebook Check Monday, Feb. 13th and Vocabulary test Tuesday, Feb. 14th (terms from Reflection, Transmission, and Absorption)

7th grade: Vocabulary Test (terms for Mendel and Heredity and Sexual and Asexual Reproduction) and Notebook Check (terms for Asexual and Sexual Reproduction) Friday, Feb. 10

6th grade due on Monday, Feb. 6th, Heat Transfer
7th grade due Tuesday, Feb. 7th., Tour of the Basics - Genetics

Students should be working on and wrapping up their science fair experiments.  They will need to make observations and collect data.  It would be helpful to take pictures to include with their presentation boards.  The next part to turn in will be tables and charts due on Feb. 20th.

6th Grade Notebook Check - Tuesday, January 31st
Heat and Temperature Unit Test Thursday, Feb. 2nd
Heat Transfer Web Quest due Monday, Feb. 6th

7th Grade Notebook Check - Thursday, Feb. 2nd

Notebook Check - Monday, January 23rd - 6th and 7th grade

7th Grade Unit Test on Cells - Wednesday, January 25th

7th grade "Cell-fies" due on Tuesday, Jan. 17th if not finished in class on 13th

6th grade - Vocabulary test on Wednesday, Jan. 18th (terms from Radiation, Convection, and Conduction lessons)

Notebook Check - 7th grade on Thursday, Jan. 12th; 6th grade on January 13th

Friday, January 6th; Science Fair Project Ideas (problem and purpose, hypothesis, materials, and procedure) - write up due and idea presented to the class - science fair information and rubrics can be found by clicking the Documents link

Science Mid- term on Thursday, December 8th! Study guides are under the Documents link.

Projects due Monday, December 12th

6th grade - Element Project Directions and Rubric

We will be creating a class periodic table.  Each student is assigned a different element.  

Use a colored piece of construction paper to create your portion of the table.  The color of the paper should match the color assigned to your element on the periodic table of elements.  The Periodic Table is on pg. SR-40 of the textbook.

 On the font of construction paper, draw the letter representing your element and include the atomic number and atomic mass.  The information needs to be written in marker, with paper vertical, and be seen from 10ft.

Research your assigned element and on a separate piece of paper, include the following information and glue to the back of the construction paper:

Physical characteristics of your assigned element

Chemical characteristics of your assigned element

What is it used for?

Draw a diagram of the atom for your assigned element: (ex. Bohr model)

The project will be graded as follows:

Element symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass are present as instructed- 20 pts.
The physical characteristics of the element are described - 20 pts.
The chemical characteristics of the element are described - 20 pts.
Applications/uses of the element are discussed - 20 pts.
Diagram of atom is included and correctly represented - 20 pts.

7th grade -Toy project directions and rubric

Your task is to design and create a toy that can do work.  You can use everyday materials such as rubber bands, craft sticks, empty water bottles, and cardboard.  The work done by the toy can be simple.  For example, the work may be simply moving its own mass over a distance.

You will present and demonstrate your toy to the class on Monday, December 12th.


Toy’s ability to do work: 50 pts.

Creativity and effort: 25 pts.

Presentation: 25 pts.

Vocabulary check - Thursday, December 1st  6th grade topics 6 - 8; 7th grade topic 9
Vocabulary test Friday, December 2nd  6th grade topics 6-8; 7th grade topics 8 and 9

Unit Test, Thursday, November 17th  7th grade Q2, topics 1 - 7; 6th grade Q2, topics 1 - 5

6th grade Earth Project due Friday, November 18th

Instructions:  Create a poster or travel brochure that would entice visitors from other planets to make a trip to Earth.  Include at least 5 characteristics of Earth that would appeal to extraterrestrial beings.  Your poster/brochure should include visual aids and descriptions of your chosen characteristics.  Be creative!


At least 5 characteristics of Earth are included and described.  50 pts.

At least 5 visual aids/illustrations are included (at least one per characteristic).  25pts.

Poster/brochure is neat and visually appealing.  15 pts.

Correct spelling and grammar are used.  10 pts.

7th grade - 

 Vocabulary Notebook Check, Topics 6 and 7, Monday November 14th

Lab report due Thursday November 10th

Assignment: Write a lab report for the Reaction Time experiment using the template below.

Lab Report Template

Lab Partners:
Purpose:  One to three sentences stating the purpose of the investigation.

Introduction: A paragraph introducing the investigation.  State your hypothesis here.
Materials: A few sentences describing the materials used
Procedure: A few sentences describing the procedure followed
Data and Results: Include the data/results from your trials ex. Charts and graphs
Conclusion: Discuss if your hypothesis is supported or refuted by your results.  What things may have influenced or biased results?  What could you change about the experiment to make it better?


All the parts of the lab report are included and complete. 50 pts.

The report includes appropriate charts and graphs representing collected data.  25 pts.

The report is typed or handwritten neatly using proper grammar and spelling.  25 pts.

 6th grade - Vocabulary Test, Topics 4 and 5 and Vocabulary Notebook Check Topic 5, Thursday November 10th

6th and 7th grade - Vocabulary Notebook Check, Friday November 4th

6th and 7th grade - Vocabulary Notebook Check, Monday October 31st

6th grade - Vocabulary Notebook check, Monday October 24th
Vocabulary Test, Tuesday October 25th - terms from topics 1 and 2 

7th grade - Vocabulary Notebook check, Monday October 24th
Vocabulary Test, Tuesday October 25th - terms from topics 1 through 3
Newton's laws webquest due Friday, October 28th 

6th grade 
Moon Science Project Assignment, due Friday October 21:

Choose one of the following topics to research, write about, and report to the class.  Include a list of sources that you used to research your topic.

  • Research moon exploration from the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Research the phrase “once in a blue moon” and report on what a “blue moon” is and how often we might see one. How does a blue moon relate to the phases of the moon?
  • Research the meaning of the phrases “the moon is made of green cheese” or “the man in the moon” and report on their origins and usages.




Report is three paragraphs in length and includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. 30 pts.

Includes at least three different sources of information for research. 30 pts.

Includes one or more illustrations related to the topic. 20 pts.

The essay is neat and uses proper grammar and spelling. 20 pts.

7th grade- Unit Test on Erosion, Tuesday, October 11th
Vocabulary Notebook Check on Friday, October 14th

6th grade - Vocabulary Notebook Check on Thursday, October 13th

7th grade - Vocabulary Test (erosion terms) and vocab notebook check on Wednesday, October 5th.  Take home quiz due Thursday, October 6th.

6th grade - Unit test on space, Wednesday, October 5th. 

6th and 7th grade - Take home quiz due Thursday, September 29th
Vocabulary check Friday September 30th

6th grade - Alien World project due Tuesday, September 20th
Vocabulary Test - Wednesday, September 21st

7th Grade - Atmosphere personification essay and work packet due Tuesday, September 20th
Unit Test on Wednesday, September 21st

Vocabulary Notebook Check Thursday, September 8th

Vocabulary Notebook Check Monday, August 29th

My Scientific Summer

Due Friday, August 19th

How scientific was your summer?  For homework you will write about something you did and how it was related to science.  Your paper should be two paragraphs long and include an illustration.  Use the format below:


Illustration:  Illustrate your story.  You can use a drawing, clip art, a photo or a diagram. (20 points)


Paragraph 1:  Describe something you did this summer.  Your paragraph should be 4-5 sentences. (30points)


Paragraph 2:  Explain how your activity is related to science.  Be creative.  Your paragraph should be 4-5 sentences. (30points)

Vocabulary: Include at least 3 science vocabulary words underline the words.  (20 points)

Contact information sheets due Friday, August 19th (2nd period homeroom)

Vocabulary notebook check on Monday, August 22nd (homework grade)