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Science Fair Projects:

 Purpose: The reason for conducting the research and doing the experiment.

Problem: The scientific question to be solved.  The problem cannot be answered with a yes or no.

Hypothesis: This is your educated guess and answer to your problem. Your experiment is designed to test your hypothesis.  It should be a cause and effect statement: If (what you plan to test) then (what you think will happen).

Materials: A bulleted list of any supplies.  Include quantity of items (Example 500mL of water)

 Procedure: step-by-step numbered process used to carry out the experiment. Include details with specific measured values.

Tables and Charts: Printed and Digital tables that are generated using excel using the data from your experiment.

Results: A break down, in written form, of the data from your tables and charts.

Conclusion: The conclusion should restate your problem, purpose and hypothesis. Summarize your procedure.  Summarize the results of your experiment and explain why you accepted or rejected your hypothesis.  Would you do anything different next time? 

Application: How does your project relate to real world problems or situations? How is the experiment of practical value?  How can the experiment serve others?

Abstract: The Abstract should be written in the third person.  It is a one page 250-word maximum summary of the entire project. It should answer three questions: (1) What were you trying to do? (2) What actually happened? (3) What significance are the actual findings?


Keeping Track of your Science Fair Project:

I recommend students have a folder to keep the completed sections of their science fair project.  The individual sections of the science fair are due over the course of six months so it will be very important for students to print and mount, onto construction paper, each individual section when it is due.  I’ll be grading the sections on the due dates by either checking for completion on a word document file or the physical print out of the section. On the day of the science fair students will be graded on neatness of their Display Board, Understanding of Scientific Method, Thoroughness and Grammar.

Students may complete their science fair boards in the classroom or at home.  I will be providing a couple work days in the classroom and after school for students to work on their science fair boards.  Students may keep their boards stored in the classroom or if they prefer they can store it at home.