May 4th - May 8th

Hello Everyone,

With two weeks of the school year left, I decided to assign a couple end of the year projects.  For this week you'll be picking ONE project form the 'End of the Year Projects' tab on my website. Please take a look through a couple of the projects to decide which are best for you.  NOTE: You'll be picking another project from the same list next week (May 11th - May 15th) so it may be a good idea to pick out two projects that you'll plan to knock out for the May 4th - May 15th.

All projects are in Microsoft WORD format.  In some cases you'll be able to type into the document to complete the project.   You may need to print a page or two to complete the project.  If you print the assignment you can take a picture of the printed doc and drop that into your OneNote folder.  If you don't have a printer you'll need to work out another way to complete the projects.  For example you could copy the assignment into paint and complete it there.   Let me know if you have any questions or problems over the next two weeks.  I'll be happy to help you 

I created a folder called "End of the year Projects" in the Projects folder in 'Dragon's Assignment's' in OneNote.  Please place you completed End of the Year Projects into that folder.   I'll be expecting you'll complete two projects over the next two weeks. 

As usual, thank you guys for getting all your work done!
Mr. Dragon