March 30th - April 3rd

Hey Guys! 

Remember to save your assignments to OneNote into the Homework folders for Science and Social Studies!  If you have questions about how to do that check out my instructional video I sent out via email.  You can also request a Zoom video chat where I can show you how to drop your assignments to OneNote.

The assignments that I'll need you to complete for science and social studies 4th period are below.  I appreciate every who has been responding to my emails and meeting on Zoom!  We'll get through this together.   Keep up the good work guys!

Science: Infectious diseases 

Download and complete: save in OneNote

- Infectious diseases
- Infectious diseases webquest
- Covid19 Growth 

Discover Education:
Watch: PBS NewsHour
Watch: Investigating the Immune System
Read: Southwest Plague
Complete: Infectious Disease - Integrated Science Simulation
Complete: Infectious Diseases Practice assessment

Click on the link below:

Use a digital software application (like paint) to design a mask that could be created and worn to prevent the spread of viruses and other pathogens. You can also draw a mask, take a picture of it and then send it to OneNote

Social Studies: Vietnam and New World Order

Download and complete:

Vietnam War / New World Order LQV
Vietnam War summary
New World Order Summary

Watch and write a 1 paragraph summary: