March 23rd - March 27th

March 23rd - March 27th:

8th Grade Science:

If you have not answered these question s yet please do so by replying to email with answers in email.

1)Why Are Nutrient Cycles and Other Abiotic Factors Necessary to Ecosystems?

2)Explain the difference between Abiotic and Biotic factors.

3) List three facts about each Cycle below:

-Water cycle: 

-Carbon Cycle:

-Nitrogen Cycle:

Students should download the following assignments from my website:

These test review assignments can be completed digitally and saved in 'Science: Extended Learning' Folder.

- Interactions among Organisms TEST two - Review 1
- IOA test two review #2

On Discovery Education:

Please take the Interactions among organisms Practice assessment.  Any questions answered incorrectly should be written in notebook with correct answers. 

8th Grade Social Studies:

Students should download the following assignments from my website.

Civil Rights and Expanding rights LQV 
Civil Rights Summary
Expanding Rights summary

Civil Rights Project- Please select a project topic and complete a PPT on the Civil Rights.