Earth and Environmental Science Period 1

Weathering and Erosion Ppt: December 12th

EnE final Exam Review: December 12th

Final Exam Vocab: Due - December 12th

Future of Space Exploration Project: November 19th

Modern Astronomy Webquest: Due November 5th

Astronomy Time line: Due November 5th

  1. Astronaut care package – Due 10/29/18
  2. Paper Rockets Data Table – 5 Trials Distance – 10/26/2018 – Excel spread sheet w/graph
  3. History of Space exploration – 10/26/2018
  4. Who I Am PPT – November 5th
  5. Astronomy Vocab – November 5th

 Atmosphere Webquest: Due Oct 4th.

Energy Resources Table: Due Sept 7th.

Recycling WebQuest: Due August 31st