April 6 - April 9th

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Check out my YouTube channel for instructional videos on how to use some of the technologies we've incorporated during this extended learning period.  I've also started posting summaries to our Lesson Questions and Practice Quiz Questions. 

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(Save assignments to OneNote -> Dragon's assignments -> Homework)
1) Human Body systems and Health Decisions
2) Health and Disease Notes - 
Please complete each section of this assignment: For the first section create a daily plan as to how you can improve the health of each body system. 
Discovery Education:
Healthy Nervous and Endocrine system
Healthy Muscular and Skeletal System
Interview with a personal trainer
Spigot Science
Making Healthy Decisions
Breath In Breath Out
Practice Assessment

Social Studies:
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1) Emerging Threats / America’s next Century LQV -
Complete the LQV and save to
OneNote -> Dragon's Assignments -> Homework -> Social Studies

2) Emerging Threats Summary
3) America's next century Summary