April 20 - April 24

Hey Guys!

I hope you had a good spring break.  

Over the next four weeks I'll be having you complete your work directly on OneNote.  All you need to do is find 'Dragon's assignments' on your OneNote folder and then find the folder associated with the assignment for that week.  You will be able to answer the assignments directly into the folders on OneNote.  This will save you the hassle of downloading files and then dropping them into OneNote.  If you still have questions about finding "Dragon's Assignments" on OneNote please email me ASAP to set up a Zoom conference. 

Science: April 20 - April 24

In Dragon's Assignments on OneNote please find the folder labeled "End of Year Review".  In that folder there's a tab labeled "60 Questions".  I'd like you to answer those 60 Questions directly under the questions.  Please limit your answers to 3 sentences. 

Social Studies: 
In OneNote under your "Dragon's Assignment's" shared folder you can a folder named "End of Year Review".  When you click on that Folder you'll see a SS REVIEW tab with 72 terms in it.  Please define those 72 terms right in OneNote.  If you'd like to Download the actual word file you can do so on my website.  It's called '8th final exam study guide'.  If you decide to complete the word version of the review please drop it into your OneNote SS Homework folder.