8th Grade

Week 2 Q1 - Wetland, watershed, estuaries

Lesson Questions

  • What is a watershed and what are the major watersheds in your state?
  • What are the components and characteristics of a river system?
  • Why are wetlands important?
  • Why are estuaries important?
  • How can the water quality in a watershed be affected by human activity?

Key Vocabulary

salt water, coastal plain, meander, freshwater, floodplain, estuary, mangrove, erosion, water cycle, habitat, discharge (stream), landform, elevation, bird, river, pollutant, sediment, geography, nutrients, precipitation, environment, climate, biome, pollution, stream, aquatic, natural resources, water, biological diversity, wetland, delta, algae, groundwater

Week 1 Q1 - Water Quality:
Lesson Questions:
  • How can physical and chemical factors, such as temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity, turbidity and nitrates, be used to determine the health of an aquatic ecosystem?
  • What can bioindicators, such as the number and types of macroinvertebrates, reveal about the health of an aquatic ecosystem?

Key Vocabulary- Water Quality

algae, aquatic, bacteria, environment, erosion, estuary, freshwater, groundwater, habitat, natural resources, ocean, rain, salt water, water, water cycle