HS Marine Science
Welcome to Marine Science!

​Please check the documents page for this class for any missed notes or assignments.

Please have the class syllabus signed and turned in by Friday, January 5th.

As a reminder, report cards will be issued Friday, January 5th as well.


-get contract signed
-choose two places at the beach in NC that you would could justify making a field trip for
-find three facts about NC Beaches/Ocean Area

Homework 1/11/18
-Find the name of a category 5 hurricane, date it made landfall, location of landfall
-Find the most expensive/costly hurricane for the United States, name, year, and location impacted
-Make prediction about this year's hurricane season: is it going active, not active, etc.  Do you think that NC will experience a hurricane this season: when and why?

Website for Lab 1/12/18

Lab 1/26/18
Using the world map for migration patterns on the documents page, choose two species that migrate and plot their course on the world map.  You may have to save it as a picture and insert it into a word file or copy and past into a word file.  Use the drawing tool to map the migration course for each species.  You can use two different colors to distinguish between the two species (please include a key to help identify the species).  Include the month that the migration starts on the map and the month that it ends.  Please email me the file when you have finished the assignment.  Name the file migration map first initial last name.  Example: migration map mbraxton

Homework: Find the name and description of a producer in a photic zone of the ocean and the name and description of a producer in an aphotic zone of the ocean.

Class is in Mr. Darnell's room today.  Please complete the following assignments while you are with him.
-Read Chapters 4 and 5 of the Rachel Carson book
-Complete the Scientific Method Previous Knowledge Assessment on the Documents.  Please read the instructions first to make sure you follow the directions correctly.
-If you finish the preceding assignments before the end of class, please read over the Organisms Presentations document on the documents page and begin working on that assignment.  You may not choose an organism that you have already researched.

Assignment: find a coral reef and include the following information
name, location, water temperature, and level salinity

Darwin-Dana-Daly Theory Prezi for notes

Look over the shipwreck maps that Caedan brought to class, then answer the shipwreck lab questions found on the documents sub page.  Please write the answers to these questions on notebook paper and turn them in at the end of class.  If time permits, please answer the last question twice.

Cape Hatteras Shipwreck

Climate Change clues from an Ancient Forest article

Find a ghost story about the NC Coast

Find a unique named town along the NC Coast
-Name of the Town
-Zip Code
-Population Size
-2-3 Facts

Please complete the lab questions for the Set Back Rate and Masonboro Inlet Lab on the Documents page.  Please read the instructions before beginning the lab.  If you finish before class has ended, you will need to read the next chapter(s) in the Rachel Carson book.

Moving the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (WRAL Documentary)

History of NC Lighthouses
Article from Our State Magazine

NCpedia Article with Videos

Find two hotels, one on the outerbanks of NC and one on the coast of SC.  Please include the name and address.

Please open the HS Marine Science Assignment 32918 File on the Documents page and begin working the assignment.  Please read over the assignment in its entirety before beginning the assignment.

Use the links below to find a video that relates to climate change and/CO2 monitoring, then write a summary of what you learned from the video.


Keeling Curve Link: https://scripps.ucsd.edu/programs/keelingcurve/