6th Grade Science
Please learn the parts of a plant and animal cells and the function of each


We are currently covering photosynthesis. 

The first topic we will cover for Science will be the Scientific Method followed by Atoms.

The Scientific Method is a process used to solve problems, draw conclusions, test theories, as well as determine if there is a cause/effect relationship between the items being tested.  The steps to the Scientific Method are below.

Step 1: Ask a Question (what are you testing?)

Step 2: Research (find background information related to the question, as well as any prior research or experiments that have been conducted)

Step 3: Write a Hypothesis (This allows you to make a prediction about the relationship of the items in question.  Example:  Harbor seals in California are getting sick due to the increase in water temperatures)

Step 4: Experiment (Create and conduct an experiment that will test your hypothesis.  You may have to go back and make changes to your experiment design if it does not work the first time)

Step 5: Analysis (Organize and analyze the data collected from the experiment)

Step 6: Conclusions (Draw conclusions based on the data analysis and determine how it relates to your hypothesis)

The final step to the Scientific Method is to present your findings. 

6th grade will participate in the Science Fair this year and you will use the Scientific Method for that project, as well as many of the labs we will complete in class this year.

We are learning about the rotation and orbit of the Earth and how it impacts the seasons on Earth in different hemispheres.