6th Grade Homework Information
Please use your student agenda packet to keep track of your assignments and tests.  This should stay in your 2 pocket folder and you should bring it to class every day. 

8/10/17-Course Guide should be signed and returned by Monday, 8/14

*Students should study for their vocabulary quiz daily.

**Homework will start the week of 8/21**

8/22/17-study vocab words (no official homework today)

8/23/17-p. 65 problems 21-24

8/28/17-p. 72 9-25 (finish from class)

8/31/17-p. 77 5-20 (finish from class)

9/6/17- you may work on the decimals packet from class if you want to

9/7/17- finish worksheet packet from class that we have been working on; we will check this tomorrow in class

9/11/17-finish problems 12-23 on page 121 from class; study for vocab quiz (it is on Friday)

9/12/17-page 124 5-8; quiz on Friday

9/13/17-finish 17-25 on page 125 from class

9/14/17: study for vocab quiz

9/18/17: Spiral Math for Monday

9/19/17: Spiral Math for Tuesday

9/20/17: Spiral Math for Wednesday

9/21/17: Spiral Math for Thursday, Study for Test

9/26/17: Spiral Math for Tuesday

9/27/17: Spiral Math for Wednesday

9/28/17: Spiral Math for Thursday; Study for test

10/2/17: SM Monday

10/3/17: SM Tuesday

10/4/17: SM Wednesday

10/5/17: no homework

10/9/17: complete any unfinished classwork: 1st/2nd period-p. 210, 1-20; 4th period: p. 306-307 1-18

10/10/17: complete any unfinished classwork: 1st/2nd period p. 306 1-18; 4th period: none