6th Grade Homework Information
3/21/17--S.S. Study Guide due Friday 3/24
2/28/17-S.S.-finish Seuss paragraph
2/16/17 Science-finish bedroom design assignment
Social Studies-complete the chapter outline for section 2 of chapter 10 using your textbook.  The example is on the Social Studies page.
Social Studies: study for social studies quiz on chapter 8 on Ancient China

Science: Write down any food that you eat for supper tonight.

Students should be studying their notes and vocabulary words every day in order to be successful in class, in addition performing to the best of their ability on quizzes and tests.

European Country Projects are due November 10th.  Please begin working on this now in order to turn in a product that is reflective of your best effort.

Social Studies: Please finish the Society in Egypt Page with the Social Hierarchy Pyramid and two questions page, as well as the Events Timeline page for Ancient Egypt.  Both of the pages were in your packet for Egypt.  The timeline information can be found on page 141 in your textbook and the Society/Social Classes information can be found on page 149 in your textbook.

Study for your Europe Test!!!

Science: please bring in a small ziploc bag of soil from your yard