Malissa Braxton

Please remind your student to bring a pencil to class!!

MidTerm for Math is Tuesday, December 12th! It is 24 multiple choice questions and will cover what we have learned up to this point in the year.

Tutoring will be offered on Wednesday, 1/10 and Wednesday, 1/17 from 3:00-3:30pm (students must be picked up by 3:30pm).  Please provide at least a 24 hour notice of attendance before the tutoring session so that I can plan accordingly. 

Homework Information is now on the 6th Grade Math page with the tentative class schedule through the end of January

Some of the notes from class are on the "Documents" subpage of the 6th Grade Math page.

Any donations of mechanical pencils, tissues, paper towels, and printer paper would be greatly appreciated! :-)

Please practice operations with fractions and operations with decimals at home!!

Please encourage your student to ask questions in class if they need help or don't understand--my job is to help them learn. :-)