Kirsten Berger

Coach K's 7th and 8th Social Studies

Extended Learning: All completed work should be clearly labeled and emailed to me as it is completed. I will grade the work and post it in powerschool.
CNN 10: Students do NOT have to complete their weekly assignment, please just watch to stay up to date!
All work is located in the agenda pages.  This is set up as class would normally be. CNN 10, Notes, worksheet.

We are now offering office hours I will be available for emailed questions during the times below.  This means you will get a response from me immediately.
Office Hours: 10am-11am and 3pm-4pm

Where can you find work?
The Agenda tab will have the daily agenda (Notes, worksheets, etc). Please click on the correct grade level for your work for that day. If you are absent please check this for notes and work that was done that day.  Parents, I suggest you check this daily to see what your student did in class every day. 

Classwork/Homework: Work that we do in class will be marked as completed if finished in class.  If it is allowed to be homework then a missing flag will appear in powerschool.  The next day I will collect the homework and mark it as collected.  If it is not turned in within that time it will be LATE.
Late work: Work that is not collected during the appropriate time (beginning of class, normally about 5 min) is considered late.  Anything turned in after I have collected it and marked it on powerschool and after class is LATE.
Late work policy: 1 day late=20 points off.  2nd day= 40 points off. 3rd= 0

Tutoring  Wednesday's 230-3
Junior Scholastic password: zoochat5878