Week of March 13-17, 2017

Monday: Red workbook pg 351 Do problems 1-6, 7, 11

Tuesday: pg. 270 3-8

Wednesday: pg. 276-277. Do all problems as a review for Chp. 7 test which is on Thursday

Week of March 20-24

Monday: pg. 280 problems 1-16 and vocabulary words listed on pg. 281. Define and illustrate the words and enter them in your glossary along with the page of the notebook on which they are located.

Notebooks will be picked up randomly during this nine weeks for a check up.

Tuesday: pg 283-285 2-22 even (1st period)
1-22 (2nd period

Wednesday: pg. 287 2-20 even Leave out #18 and do #17 instead

Thursday and Friday: Capture/Recapture activity to estimate population size

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