6th Grade Health/PE

 6th Grade Health/PE

This is your homepage for 6th Grade Health/PE. You will log in to the teams app each school day at the time of your class for a Live Class Session.

Click Below to see the class syllabus
Virtual Learning Middle School PE Syllabus.docx

You are required to do a Weekly Fitness Log outside of the 20 minute time period. This log is posted under the assignments tab. This is to be completed each week along with your live sessions. You must do 60 minutes of exercise each day for at least 5 days and write it on your fitness log. You may include the workouts that you have done in the Live Sessions. You may also include workouts from the weekends. 

Your Fitness Log is due each Friday by 11:59 pm. Anything submitted later than this will be marked as late. 

You can click the document below to get additional workouts for your Fitness Log or use for Absent Make Up work.

Additional Workouts.docx

If you have any questions feel free to email me at jgriffin@rivermill-academy.org