6th Grade Health

 6th Grade Health

We will continue with PE for the next two weeks. (11/4-11/15) Students will need to make sure they bring their clean gym clothes to school every day and wear their tennis shoes. 

Students will have a Sleep Journal to complete each night. The journal will be due on October 29th. 

Brochure  Instructions

Journal Entries

JE #1: What are some things you do or use to help you sleep?

Ex: Sleep with a fan, Cut your phone off, sleep with the tv on or off, keep it warm, use multiple pillow, etc.

JE #2: Do you feel like you are a short sleeper, sleep deprived, have a sleep deficit, or do you get enough sleep?

Explain why you think you fit into this category in 3 sentences.

JE #3: Have you ever experienced Jet Lag? What was it like? How did it make you feel?

Were you tired? Did you forget the time of day often?

JE #4: Do you have trouble sleeping at night or falling asleep at night?

Based on the sleeping problems we discussed in class yesterday, do you suffer from any of these? If not, describe your sleep routine. 3 sentences

JE#5: Based off your sleep log, are you getting the recommended hours of sleep?

If yes, how do you manage to maintain this. If not, what are some changes you can make to be sure you get the right amount of sleep?

JE#6: Look over your sleep journal and write a 4 sentence paragraph to summarize your findings.

What did completing this help you realize? Are you truly a short sleeper? Did your habits change on the weekend (Friday night)?

What would you suggest changing based off the notes from yesterday in order to get the correct amount of sleep?