Instructions for Microsoft TEAMS

We will be using Microsoft teams to do our virtual learning.  Here are our expectations and some instructions to help you.  If you need more assistance, please contact one of your teachers.


Signing into Microsoft Teams

  • Go to
  • Go to the red sign in button on the left-hand side.
  • Enter your school email address under the word sign in.
  • Enter your given password.  It is case sensitive.
  • When prompted update/change the password.  The password needs to be 8 characters long, cannot include student name and must include 3 of the following:  uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.
  • Please write down your new password.  We will not know it is if you forget it.
  • Choose whether to stay signed in or not when prompted.
  • There is a tutorial of available Microsoft features.
  • To access the email, you click on the Outlook app.
  • To access Microsoft Teams (the live video meeting app) click on the TEAMS app.
  • If you are in Outlook (your email), you can get back to all of the Microsoft apps. By clicking on the square of dots in the top left corner.
  • Every class you are enrolled in at school has its’ own team
  • To see all of your Teams at any time, click on Teams on the left side of your screen
  • To enter a Team, click on it
  • Every class has a General channel which is the main discussion area you share with your teacher and classmates. (Be sure your communication here is related to education!)
  • You may have other channels your teacher added to organize topics
  • Click Assignments to view all assignments for class as well as quizzes
  • Select Activity on the left to see what is happening in all your classes including new assignments.



How to enter a live meeting

  • Click on your class
  • On the General Channel, under Posts, there will be a Join button.
  • Click the Join button and answer the prompts.

How to submit assignments

  • Click on the assignments tab
  • Click add work
  • At the bottom of the box click upload from this device
  • Select your file
  • Click Open
  • Once it is uploaded, click Done
  • You can add more work if needed by again clicking on add work
  • When all the work is uploaded, click the blue Turn in button in the upper right of the box
  • If successful with the turn in, you will see an animation
  • If you make a mistake, you can undo your turn in by clicking the undo button
  • You can then edit your submission and once finished, click the turn in button



How to take a picture and submit assignment with a PC

  • Go to the start button for your computer (the window icon at the bottom left of your computer screen)
  • Open the camera app
  • Hold your work in front of the camera (don’t worry if it looks backwards it will submit correctly)
  • Take the picture
  • Go back to Teams
  • Click on assignment
  • Click add work
  • Select Upload from this device
  • Under “This PC” find your pictures folder
  • Open
  • In the Camera roll, find the picture you need
  • Click Open
  • After it uploads, click Done
  • You can add multiple pictures or other documents by clicking add work
  • Once all are added, click the Turn in button
  • Enjoy the animation

If you are using a device other than a PC, you can find directions by just typing into Google, how to submit a picture to Microsoft Teams from a _______.

If you cannot find the directions, please do not hesitate to ask one of your teachers.