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March 30th-April 3rd

8th Grade Work for This Coming Week--Please read everything carefully!!!

-You have a new Choice Board this week. Please complete 2 Choice Board activities this week and email them to me. (NO MORE LEARNING FARM)
-This week you will need to go to my You Tube channel at
You will be responsible for watching/listening to Ch. 1-5 this week of The Maze Runner. Then, AFTER you have watched all 5 chapters, I need you to create a WORD Doc that includes 2 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1- Summarize what happened in the first 5 chapters in your own words. Make sure to introduce important characters.

Paragraph 2- Choose a response question to answer from the Document on the LA page labeled "Reading Response Questions." This should be a question you feel that you can answer in a well developed paragraph with lots of description and explanation. Type the question and then your answer below it.

I will be having 2 Zoom meetings online for you to choose between, one on Wed April 1st at 4:00pm, and one on Thurs April 2nd at 10:30 am. Please plan to attend one of these. I will be recording who attends. Come prepared to discuss the first 2 chapters of the book. I can also address any Choice Board questions. Refer to my email from Friday for the link and ID and password for the meeting. Make sure you are on a computer/device with a camera. You will need to turn on video and audio/microphone options.

6th Grade Social Studies

This week, you will need to find the Choice Board on our Social Studies web page. You need to complete 3 of these activities this week. Email each activity to me right after you finish it. You may only complete each Choice Board Activity once. 

We will also be having a Zoom meeting on Wed. 1st at 5:00. Simply click the link from Friday's email to enter the meeting. You may have to enter the ID and password as well. Make sure you are on a computer/device with a camera. You will need to turn on video and audio/microphone options. During this Zoom meeting, I will be able to answer questions about Ancient Africa, go over things in the PPT you didn't understand, discuss Choice Board assignments and questions, and just chat. I'm so excited to see you!

Contact me:

Supply Lists

All Classes:                                     

4G Flash Drive                           

Pens and pencils

Permanent Markers           

Colored pencils and markers


2 Packs of Index Cards

Glue Sticks

Homework Planner

***Students may be rarely asked to purchase/obtain project supplies.

8th LA

*Plastic expandable accordion folder (about 1 inch thick at bottom)

*Notebook or binder with loose leaf paper for taking notes (refilled/replaced as necessary).

*An independent reading book (novel of choice).

* One white poster board

(22” x 28”)


6th SS

*White poster board (22”x 28”)

*2 Spiral notebooks • 6th Grade only

* 1 Folder

Geo Challenge

*Students will need notebooks or a refillable binder to take notes and complete written responses. 

* One white poster board

(22” x 28”)


Please refer to the links on the side of this page to navigate through my website. Behavior expectations, syllabi, homework calendar, and student class pages can be accessed there. This page is reserved for important announcements and updates.

**Please remember to use the Power School Online Portal to check up-to-date student grades. If you need login information, please contact the front office. I always suggest that students also have the password so that they can check for missing work themselves.**

Our textbook login page is located at

login username- "la" followed by first initial and whole last name
ex: labadams

Password- languagearts followed by your period #
ex: languagearts1