1. Please purchase the novel for second semester as detailed in your welcome packet from Open House.  The title and a link to purchase online is below.  I will be using this book in class on JANUARY 28th.

2. Please note... we will begin our Research Term Paper Project in January.... DETAILED handouts will be given to EACH student on January 10th.  I CANNOT make duplicate copies... PLEASE do not loose them.  {You may refer back to them by using the REASEARCH TAB on this web site}

3. Below is a list of instructional lecture dates and make up dates for the information that will be taught in class regarding the Research Paper.  Should you be absent on one of those dates it is YOUR responsibility to attend a make-up session.

4.  PLEASE check the AGENDA page DAILY for test, quizzes and due dates.   Due dates for the Research project may need to be altered due to inclement weather.


·         January 14 & 15  Source Card Instruction

·         January 16  “How to write a Works Cited Page”

·         January 17—Make-up Instruction for Source Cards & Works Cited

·         February 26—“How to construct an Outline”

·         February 27—Make-up Instruction for Outlines

·         March 19 & 20—Rough Draft Instruction MLA style

·         March 21—Make Up Instruction for Rough Drafts

Book Purchase for January!!!!

If you haven't purchased the book already your child needs it for class by Jan. 22nd

Book to Purchase:  Prisoner B-3087, by Alan Gratz

Prisoner B-3087
Below is a link to Amazon to where the book can be purchased.  It can also be purchased through Barnes and Noble.

Wednesdays are Writing Workshops

PLEASE remember to update the table of contents and glossary of your ISN notebook.

Also please check the Agenda page for all assignments and testing dates.