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Buenos días,  On Monday, February 8, Spanish Level I students in Blocks I and II will have a quiz on material in Chapter 1, Grammar 2.  It covers textbook pages 24 to 27, plus both activity packets related to the material covered.  (1) the use of the verb "SER" (2) the use of punctuation marks and accents in Spanish words .    Students, please compete all homework assignments on time.    Gracias Señor Limón 

On Tuesday, February 9, 2016,  Spanish II students in Block 3 will have a quiz on Chapter 1 Grammar 2.  This will cover material on pages 22 to 27 in the textbook, plus the material in the activity packets related to the chapter.  (1) The use of the verb TENER,  (2) verbs with infinitives, (3) the present progressive tense, (4) the verb IR A + an infinitive, (5) direct object pronouns and (6) informal commands.  Students .....(Por favor, ¡estudien .... estudien ....estudien!   STUDY!
Gracias,  Señor Limón 
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