Tammy Powell


5/2/20:  AP GOV: 
One week until C-SPAN's Cram for the Exam. Sat., May 9 at 9 AM (EST) on https://www.c-span.org/ Student callers: 202-748-8000 for Eastern/Central and 202-748-8001 for Mountain/Pacific.
***As always, check email for resources, reviews, and meeting times.

4/27/20: If you haven't submitted any assignments, please do so today. I will have all work graded by Wednesday night. I am enjoying your research papers and learning some new things.  Your new assignment will be posted tomorrow. MISS YOU!!!

4/22/20: Don't forget your assignment is due by 11:59 pm Friday. This is an extension of the due date so please submit via TURNITIN.

4/12/20: I will be available this week if needed. Please email me and we can set up a time to talk.  AP ZOOM review sessions will be Wednesday and Thursday. Invitations will be sent via email with passwords. 

4/7/20: Please remember to reply when I send an email. Even if it is a simple yes, hello, ok. I miss all of you!!!!

3/31/20: Please check the calendar for your current event assignment. I think you will enjoy this week's "event." I will post Civics and World History class assignments tomorrow (Wednesday).

3/26/20: Office Hours: 8:00-10:00 am Monday-Friday and 7:00-9:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday. Please note other times are available if needed. I keep my email open and do my best to respond quickly. I am happy to schedule a time that is convenient for you by email, internet, or phone call. 

3/24/20:"CHECKING IN" emails. Each day I send 10-12 emails to see how you are doing. Please make sure you respond because I will call home if I don't hear from you. Again, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! Many of you have gone beyond expectations!!! Keep up the good work. 

3/23/20: Please remember, unless noted all assignments are submitted via TURNITIN. Your current event is due Friday 3/27.  I am working on KAHOOT reviews that can play together and should be ready by Wednesday. 

3/20/20: I am so proud of you!! Everyone has replied to the introductory email. Many of you are asking questions and going beyond expectations. Remember, check the calendar daily and specific class links. Keep working hard on your assignments. 
3/18/ 20  I am currently setting up ZOOM for online use. Please continue to check your email and this website daily for updates. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not utilize ZOOM at this time. I am in the process of researching other video conferencing programs. More information will be posted ASAP. Thank you!!!!!


Dear Parents/Guardians of River Mill Academy high school students,

As we approach this state-mandated school shutdown, the high school team has met and organized to provide a united educational approach for the foreseeable future.  While we cannot teach as normal, there are still opportunities for instruction and student growth ahead.  We are fully aware that the schedule we are all used to has drastically changed.  For some of our students, this shutdown has foisted additional responsibilities upon them.  But we want to stress that all students should remain focused on their educations; their teachers surely are.

Starting immediately, all high school teachers will be making changes to their current schedules and assigning online work via their websites.  These assignments will be updated and assessed on a regular basis.  This is not busy work.  Please be aware of your child’s responsibilities and due dates.  All instruction and coursework will be submitted electronically.  Consult each teacher’s website for specifics.  All assignments are due weekly.  Due dates are as follows (starting Sunday, March 22):

English – Each Sunday at 11:59pm
Social Studies – Each Tuesday at 11:59pm
Spanish – Each Wednesday at 11:59pm
Science – Each Thursday at 11:59pm
Math – To be determined – check teacher’s website
Electives – To be determined – check teacher’s website


Teachers will be checking websites/email for questions and submissions multiple times during school hours.  All work should be completed individually unless explicitly stated otherwise. 

These are unprecedented times, to be sure.
  We appreciate your assistance and support as we move forward with the task of educating your children.  The health and security of your families is upon our minds. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.



The High School Faculty of River Mill Academy