AP Statistics
March 30 - April 3

Monday March 30, 2020- I have scored the FRQs that have been submitted. There are several students that still need to submit the assignment. This is on the AP website. I sent out the answer key after I made the assignment. The idea is that I want you to try to answer the questions yourself before you look at the answer key. But you may look at the key before you submit the answers. I want you to see how the AP people expect you to answer questions and I want you to have practice answering questions in that way. I am not there to look over your shoulder so it is on you to try on your own first. 

I will be assigning one or two FRQs daily. I sent you a link to the official AP Stats YouTube channel and I am hoping the videos they post will be helpful. We will see. I will be sending out more notes and resources. Thank you all for making a good effort and keeping in touch. 

I will be resending links to assignments students have not completed. So you will only receive one of those emails if there is something you have not finished.

Tuesday March 31, 2020-There is an assignment I have put together on the AP website titled Unit 1 FRQ 2.

Wednesday April 1, 2020-Click on the link to go to a video I made myself about standard deviation.


Check school email for the scoring guide to the FRQ question assigned yeaterday.

The official AP Statistics Youtube channel will be posting a daily 4-week review Exam Prep video series beginning Monday April 6. They will live stream the videos in the afternoons but the videos will be available anytime after the live stream. This week, they are posting videos about Units 8 and 9, which are not on the exam 


Thursday April 2, 2020-Two links to Edpuzzle videos that review what we know about normal distribution.



MARCH 23-27

Monday March 23, 2020-AP Statistics students, check your email for links to three short review assignments. One to a review of box plots, one to a review of scatter plots, and one to a review of some of our statistics vocabulary.

Tuesday March 24, 2020- AP Stastistics students, check your school email for links to assignments reviewing frequency tables and statistics vocabulary.

Thursday March 26, 2020-

The AP people are producing special review lessons on video. It makes sense to me that we utilize those since these are the same people that make the test. They are live streaming but they record the videos and post them on YouTube so that they are available any time.

I will include the links and then we will figure out the best way to practice what is in the videos.
The first video is from Topic 8 and we were in the middle of topic 6 when school shut down. Not sure why they are starting there. It may be that they are assuming classes should have been through topic 7 already. So we will have to wade through this and see how much it helps.
There are three videos posted so far.
First video:
Video 2:

Friday March 27, 2020-AP statistics students, I have assigned two FRQs on the AP website. They are in an assignment called Unit 1 FRQ. They are questions that go back to the beginning of the semester. I think I have chosen questions that do not require the lockdown browser. Let me know if you are not able to access the questions. Also let me know if you have been able to download the lockdown browser or not. You may need it to take the exam. I am still figuring out the best way to do things. I will post the answers for you to check yourself.

MARCH 16-20
Monday March 16, 2020-AP Statistics Students, please go to the Schoology website and read the assignmenttitled Testing a Claim. This is read-through notes. 

Tuesday March 17, 2020-There is a short assignment in Schoology. I'm working on more. A couple of notes and two practice questions to answer.

Wednesday March 18, 2020-ink to notes about the Difference between Independent Proportions:


Also a link to a video on the Edpuzzle website


Thursday March 19, 2020-There is a read-through on the Schoology website with hints about Progress Check 6B. Please read through that and then do then progress check on the AP website.

Friday March 20, 2020- A few of you have done the Progress Check 6B. Lets see if we can get that done today and I will post an explanation of the answers.