Richard Miller

My Name Is...

Richard Miller

In the spring semester 2020, I will be teaching AP Statistics,
Advanced Functions and Modeling, and Math III

Special Announcement:

To all of my students and parents: We will be continuing instruction and learning while we are away from school during this difficult time. I will be communicating with students via email, this website, and the websites that I have been using since the beginning of the school year. Students are already familiar with the websites that I regularly use. If anyone has issues with passwords or other access issues, let me know and we will try to fix the issue. There will be assignments that will be graded and entered into the grade book. So please be checking daily. Check my calendar page to see what the assignments are each day. Email me if you have any questions. 

AP Stats students,

The AP exam this year will have no multiple choice questions. It will be all free response questions and you will have 45 minutes. They are assuming you will be taking the exam from home. The College board will be announcing the date. The test will only include the first 75% of the course. That would be about the first 7 topics. There is more information coming. We will be concentrating on FRQs. And we were close to having covered the first 75% of the course when school shut down. More information coming.