Ed Limon
October 9-13, 2017
¡Buenos días a todos!  This week students are starting with vocabulary words and expressions in Spanish to Chapter 3, Vocabulary 1 in the textbook.  Spanish I will have their Quiz el jueves (12/oct/2017) and Spanish II will have their Quiz el viernes (13/oct/2017).  Make sure you do your homework in Paquete #5 (Capítulo 3 - Cuaderno de Vocabulario y Gramática)  to reinforce the material being taught.  I look forward to meeting parents this week for conferences!      Nos vemos!
                    Sinceramente, Profesor Ed Limón

October 2-5, 2017
Buenos días,  todos!  I finally figured this out.  I'm viejo (old)Students are studying for their mid-term exams next week in Spanish I and II.   Spanish I will have their exam el lunes (2/octubre/2017) and Spanish II will have their exZm el miercoles (4/octubre).  Their projects are due el lunes (2/octubre/2017).  Echenle ganas!  Do your best!  Estudian! Study! 
                                             Atentamente,  Sincerely,
                                                  Señor  Ed Limón