Theater Arts Syllabus

Theatre Arts Syllabus

Ms. Andrews

Room 327 EXT. 7563


Welcome to the Theatre Arts! My goal is to facilitate learning in an energetic, polite, and supportive environment. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS IMPERATIVE TO YOUR SUCCESS IN CLASS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Course overview and major areas of focus:

  1. Imagination                5. Improvisation

  2. Movement                  6. Acting

  3. Pantomime                 7. Aesthetic Response

  4. Voice                           8. Technical Theatre

Policies and Procedure:

  • Be in class when the bell rings

  • Follow directions the first time they are given

  • Verbally and physically respect yourself, classmates, and teacher.

  • NO electronic devices are allowed to be visible during class time (it will be confiscated)!

  • Take risks!

* The Progressive discipline will be strictly followed and enforced!


Class Participation 25%

Major Projects 25%

Homework/Classwork 25%

Tests 25%

Tutoring available upon appointment