Debate Syllabus

Debate Syllabus

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Ms.Alicia Andrews


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Welcome to the wonderful world of debate. During the high school portion of your academic career, you pick up building block tools, both educationally and socially, that will help you excel in high school, then college, then into whatever career you choose. Out of all these valuable skills, the ability to communicate with others in a clear, engaging fashion is one of the most important. No matter what career you decide to go into, speaking skills will be required at the very least to get you a job during an interview. All sorts of professions require talented speakers and debaters: lawyers, teachers, actors, executives, and politicians all must know how to communicate clearly and convincingly.


  1. Students are to enter the classroom at a polite volume.
  2. Routinely, students will be given notebook checks. These are to assure that students are keeping up with their notes.
  3. Before leaving class for the day, students should make sure that the class is clean, tidy, and organized.


  1. Raise your hand.
  2. Remain in your seat.
  3. Be prepared.
  4. Be respectful.

Group Work:

Group work is essential in this class and is mandatory. Students are expected to be respectful and actively contributing members of their group at all times. If a student is not pulling his or her weight, or is a detriment to the group due to behavior, immediately let the instructor know. Otherwise, all students should be supportive of each other, as the success of our classmates equals success for all of us, and that is not in the metaphorical sense.


  • Class participation 25%
  • Major projects 25 %
  • Homework/ classwork 25%
  • Tests 25%

The debate competition will serve as the final exam for Debate. Each student will “compete” in two debates, one of their own choosing, and one that the instructor will choose for them.

Tutoring available upon appointment

Supply List:

  • Loose leaf paper and pencils
  • Three-ring binder
  • Highlighters
  • 1 pack of index cards