English 4 Syllabus (1)

English IV CP & Honors 

Ms. Andrews

Room 329

School Phone: 336-229-0909 ext. 7563

Email: aandrews@rivermill-academy.org


Class Expectations:

  • Come to class ready to learn and participate in class activities.
  • Come to class prepared with the proper materials.
  • Come to class with an attitude of respect for yourself and for others.

 Course Objectives

The primary goal of this class is to refine students’ reading and writing skills in preparation for their transition to the collegiate level. 

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • interpret literary works – by generating ideas about the works and using the text to support and prove their points.
  • recognize and use the four kinds of literary evidence:  direct quotes, paraphrases, summarized actions, and opinions of competent critics
  • apply critical theory to the study of literature
  • explicate a text to show understanding of it
  • connect works thematically through comparison and contrast
  • identify the tone, mood, and/or perspective of a particular text by looking at stylistic choices

    At the end of the course students will have:

  • improved writing skills – through organization of materials and varying sentence structure
  • improved discussion skills – through mature behavior and participation with well-thought and interesting observations and analysis of the materials

    At the end of the course, students will know:

  • that the literature of a society can act as a mirror of what that group thinks and feels; it can also reflect qualities about the person who is interpreting it as well.
  • that writing is a form of communication that has no boundaries if the reader is willing to put effort into reading and analyzing it.
  • that literature deals with universal themes that apply even to their lives today.

Materials Needed:

  • One pocket folder
  • Black or blue ink pens
  • Several packs of index cards
  • *a pack of markers (optional)
  • Shared flash drive


Burton Raffel, translator ~ Beowulf

Geoffrey Chaucer ~ The Canterbury Tales

William Shakespeare ~Hamlet

William Golding ~ Lord of the Flies

George Orwell ~ 1984

In-Class Handouts

Grading Weights:

Tests:                                       25%

Projects                                   25%

Quizzes:                                   25%

Homework and Class work:      25%

You will all be seeing your grades regularly, so you will quickly notice how your grades change. Grades will be updated online weekly, unless there were not enough assignments that week to change your grade. I will also send home progress reports that need to be signed on a regular basis.

Missed Work Policy:

Students are responsible for making up all work missed when they are absent. Once a student returns to class, he or she is responsible for coming to me to get the assignments either before or after school. Please do not ask me for makeup work while I am teaching because I will not be able to stop right then and get it for you. Students are responsible for all journal entries that they miss. Since tests and quizzes are announced in advance, being absent the day before a test or quiz will not excuse the student from taking it. If a student is absent on the day of a test or quiz, he/she must make it up after school. Failure to make up tests within one week will result in a zero.

All work is due at the beginning of class. Be responsible for doing your homework at home and turning it in on time. If an assignment is late, it will be accepted for three days, but ten points will be taken off the grade. Late essays and projects will lose a letter grade each day that it is late.

Classroom Rules:

In my classroom I believe that if we respect each other we will not have that many discipline problems. I want us to be a team in the learning process. Having said that though, there are rules we need to have so that we can have a good learning environment.

  1. Respect your teacher and classmates. That means no talking when someone else is talking, no moving around the room without permission, and follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Be prepared. This means come to class on time, bring all supplies and assignments, and come ready to participate.
  3. No food, drink, candy or gum. If you need to have a cough drop, clear it with me first.
  4. Keep your head up off your desk and stay focused on the lesson.
  5. Electronic devices are not allowed.  Cell phones, I-Pods, etc. will be confiscated if I see or hear them and turned over to an administrator.

If you have any health problems that will make you need to eat or drink in class or use the bathroom more, bring me a doctor’s note and we will work something out.

Academic Honesty:

Cheating will not be tolerated in this class. Anyone caught cheating or appearing to be cheating will receive a zero for the assignment and a referral to the office. This involves plagiarism, copying answers from the internet, sharing answers, sneaking notes into a test, copying another student’s homework or allowing your homework to be copied, and talking while a test is being administered.

When completing assignments it is important to understand that you SHOULD NOT look up the answers on the internet. Turning in responses that you did not come up with on your own is plagiarism- even if you rephrase the answer. This will result in a 0 on the assignment and a referral to the office. According to the River Mill student handbook, a second offense will result in a grade of 0 for the entire nine weeks.

Office Hours:

If you are ever having trouble please come see me. I will be available after school almost every day this semester. I am more than willing to help any student with anything that they do not understand. Just ask.

Since circumstances can change rapidly, this syllabus is also subject to change.