Tonya Byerly
Donations are needed for our 3rd grade auction (2nd quarter). Christmas theme toys are fine! Our auction is on Friday, December 15. Donations are needed by Thursday, December 14th.

Tuesday, December 12-Bring in your favorite cookies and share with the class. We are doing a cookie exchange/share that day. Students will be learning about holiday cookies around the world. Examples-Biscotti, Linzer, Krumkake, and Gingerbread

December 18th-Christmas Party from 12-Dismissal. Students will watch a movie and have a special snack. 

December 19th is a 1/2 day. All students will be dismissed at 11:30. Please make arrangements. 

Spelling Test List 8- December 8
Vocabulary Quiz-Lesson 7 December 7
Math Multiplication Quiz on 5s Monday, December 11

Reading Benchmark-Wednesday, December 13
Math Benchmark-Thursday, December 14

Christmas Program-Dec. 19th at 9:00. Doors will open at 8:30.
Attire: Students should wear green/red shirts and jeans. They may wear sunglasses, hats, and a lei. They will sing "Jingle Bell Rock" Jimmy Buffet style, so they should look like they are going to the beach at Christmas. Students may also wear flip flops for their performance. Please go to the floor to take photographs or video your child in their part and be courteous of all around you. All students will be dismissed from classrooms. Please come back to the room to sign your child out for the day. Thank You! 

Jingle Bell Rock 
Jingle bell, jingle bell
Jingle bell rock
Jingle bells swing
And jingle bells ring
Snowing and blowing
Up bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop
Has begun
Jingle bell, jingle bell
Jingle bell rock
Jingle bells chime
In jingle bell time
Dancing and prancing
In Jingle Bell Square
In the frosty air
What a bright time
It's the right time
To rock the night away
Jingle bell time
Is a swell time
To go gliding in
A one-horse sleigh
Giddy-up jingle horse
Pick up your feet
Jingle around the clock
Mix and a-mingle
In the jingling feet
That's the jingle bell,
That's the jingle bell,
That's the jingle bell rock

Math Practice 3rd Grade

MobyMax sign in page

Mrs. Byerly’s Handbook


Dear Families,

            I am thrilled to be in third grade with your child this year! This will be my 2nd year at River Mill Academy. I am looking forward to a great year with lots of learning and fun.

I put together this parent handbook to inform you of some of the procedures and routines of our classroom. I will also be in contact with you throughout the year to keep you up to date with our learning and happenings in the classroom!

                                                                                                            Peace and Blessings,

                                                                                                            Tonya Byerly

Classroom Management


We will use a behavior clip chart this year. Students can move down and up as needed throughout the day. Just because they move down doesn’t mean they can’t move back up for making better choices. At the end of the day students will record the step they ended the day on in their homework folders. If your child is having a consistent problem breaking classroom and school rules I will contact you to discuss it further. My focus is to create a positive behavior system that encourages students to make smart choices.


Super Student (Role Model)-Pink A student who has gone over, above and beyond their citizenship duties in class.


Way to go-Purple- This means your child had a fabulous day.


Excellent Effort-Blue-This means your child had a good day. 


Ready to Learn- Green-All students begin their day on this spot. This means your child followed all expectations and rules for the class. 


Make better choices-yellow- Your child had a difficult time following directions and had been given a previous verbal warning. Please encourage them to follow directions in the future.


Teacher’s Choice-Orange- Your child had been given a corrective consequence for disruptive choices in class. This includes walking during recess or silent lunch.


Parent Contact- Red- Your child did not follow expectations, even after several warnings. Please look for an email, note or voicemail from the teacher. Please discuss acceptable behavior with your child and help them to make a plan to do better in class. A student who is on red is at risk for a referral to the Principal’s office. Disrupting classroom learning is not acceptable and will be taken care of immediately.


Reward- Everytime a student lands on Super Student, they will receive a jewel on their clip. Once they reach 5 jewels, they will get to get a new clip, pick a coupon and their name will be added to our Hall of Fame wall in the classroom. 


Students will have the opportunity to earn coupons throughout the year to cash in for special privilidges.

After 3 times of being on red, the student will be referred to the office. 
All students will have a behavior calendar in their folder for you to check daily and sign your initials that you have seen it. These will be turned in at the end of the month. 



Other Important Policies & Information


Class Website

Our classroom website is a great way for you to keep up with what’s going on in our classroom and be aware of important events and information. I will put things such as our class schedule, vocabulary and spelling lists, classroom needs, and tests and upcoming events on the calendar.  To get to our website visit the RMA homepage, click on staff directory and then my name.

Take-Home/ Homework Folders and Friday Folders:

Students need two folders. One is their Friday folder and the other is their daily take-home folder. They will bring their daily folder home each day and turn them in each morning. Please keep check of this folder, as it will have important papers that are sent home, homework and their behavior log in it. They'll receive their grades in their Friday folders and need to turn those back in every Monday morning. 


We will celebrate birthdays for the month on the last Friday of each month. I will contact parents to set up the monthly birthday celebrations.

Meeting with me:

Formal parent-teacher conferences will be held at the 1st report card. There are early release days set aside for these conferences. They are on October 12th and 13th. We will also meet at the 3rd report card. The days for these conferences are March 15th and 16th.  If you need to meet with me at any other time please feel free to contact me!

Donations to the Classroom:

We can always use things in our classroom! To see our classroom wish list you can visit our classroom website. I will also send emails if we are running low on a supply or if we are in need of supplies for a special project or event.



Each Monday students will receive their homework packet for the week. It will  consist of a reading log, reading response, word study and math practice. The packet will be due on Thursday. Please make sure ALL homework is returned in the homework folder on Thursday morning. There will also be at least 1 “at home” project each quarter. Any late homework will have 10 points deducted per day. I expect all students to read at least 20 minutes each night. Reading logs need to be filled out daily and will be taken from the folders on Friday. How is it graded? Students can earn 80 points for reading 20 minutes per day Mon-Thurs. and 20 points are given for parent signature each day. 


Below is the grading scale we will use. They will receive grades for some classwork assignments, quizzes, tests and projects. You can keep up with grades and assignments on the Power school website by logging into your own account. Graded papers will be sent home in their folders. Tests and quizzes lower than a 70 need to be signed and returned to school the next day.

Grading scale

  • A-Superior  (90-100)
  • B-Above Average (80-89)
  • C-Average (70-79)
  • D-Below Average (60-69)

F – Failure (59 or below)


Grading breakdown: classwork/homework= 25%, Tests 25%, Quizes 25% and Projects 25%. 



How we will learn



We will use the CAFÉ/ Daily 5 model which consists of whole group reading instruction, small group/ individual lessons and center rotations. This year we will continue our focus on reading fluency as well as digging deeper into comprehension. In 3rd grade we will have to abide by the NC state law called Read to Achieve, which means students must show mastery in 3rd grade reading objectives before being promoted to 4th grade. These standards are based on reading comprehension. K-3 will also use a new reading assessment and instruction program called Reading 3D which will give us in depth data on your child as a reader in multiple areas. You as a parent will also receive detailed reports and ideas of ways to help at home. Much more information will be given about this soon. Reading nightly is a must for your child to be successful in reading this year!



We will use Daily 3 math which will be whole group lessons, small group/ individual and center rotations.

Here are a list of our math units for the year:

Topic 1- Numeration(number sense)

Topic 2- addition and subtraction (mental math strategies)

Topic 3- place value with addition and subtraction (to 1,000)

Topic 4,5,6- Multiplication

Topic 7,8- division

Topic 9,10- Fractions

Topic 11- 2D shapes

Topic 12- Time

Topic 13-Perimeter

Topic 14- Area

Topic 15- Volume and Mass

Topic  16- data (graphs)


Students will study the same words for two weeks. On Monday  we will take a pretest to determine which list is most suited for your student. There will be 5 common words for everyone.The other words are differentiated.  The first Friday we will take a quiz on the words and, the second Friday we will take a test on the same words. They will have two weeks to learn their words. We will work with these words in class and in Daily 5 centers. Practice will also be part of weekly homework.


We will use Wordly Wise for our vocabulary study. Students will have the same words for 2 weeks. At the end of the first week students will have a quiz on the word meanings and at the end of the 2nd week students will take a test on the word meanings. These tests are usually mulitple choice. We will make flash cards for students to bring home to practice these word meanings. At home you can also use the website Please provide notecards for your students.

Science: The topics we will cover in science this year are forces and motion, matter, energy, solar system, skeletal and muscular systems and plants.

Social Studies: The topics we will cover this year will include: geography concepts, historical figures and places, supply, economic concepts, natural resources and government and citizenship.


State testing:

At the end of the year students will take an EOG in reading and math. Throughout the year we will prepare by learning test taking strategies and routinely practicing them. We started with some of these last year in 2nd grade.  I believe the best way to do well on these tests is to be well prepared throughout the year and then to have lots of practice with the format they will be tested in. I do not want students to stress about the EOG! I will send out more information and stragteiges as the year progresses.


Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions! I look forward to working with you and your child this year!