Tonya Byerly
 List 16: Antonyms
List A: bottom, top, tame, feeble, gorgeous, ugly, wealthy, poor, dangerous, safe
Both: over, under, young, old, before
List B: strong, weak, thick, thin, right, wrong, empty, full, healthy, sick 

Vocabulary: Quiz Lesson 14 on 5-3
Spelling: List 16 Test  on 5-3

Field Day- May 4th from 8:30-11:30 at High School Gym and New Field. 

Monday, May 14th-Campout Day-This will be a day of relaxing by the “fire.” Bring a few of your favorite books to read. You may also bring a drink and towel to relax and read on. Students are allowed to bring a flashlight or lantern. Donations are needed for S’mores Poptarts. (24 total)


Tuesday, May 15th Friendship Day-Students can sign each other’s yearbooks. Bring a good pen to use. If students didn’t buy one, they can make a small memory book to be signed.


Wednesday, May 16th Game Day -On this day you may bring in your favorite board game to play with your classmates.


Thursday, May 17th Pajama/Movie Day Donations are needed for bags of popped popcorn.


Friday, May 18th Beach Day-Wear your favorite beach attire for our end of year celebration.


Monday, May 21st Superhero/Princess Day-Dress as your favorite character. Donations are needed to make ice cream sundaes.


Tuesday, May 22nd Awards Day


Wednesday, May 23rd ½ Day and Last Day of School