May 15-19 May 22-24 China Project/Class Reminders

May 15 Monday
                 Last Spelling Test
                 Last WW Lesson 15 Test
                 China Project-Last Social Studies Test Grade due Wed.Each child will be in 
                 a group that will present a part of the class project to the other 2 classes. For 
                example; one group will be food-they will be responsible for telling what kinds of 
                food the Chinese people eat, what they eat with, how they prepare the food,                         what crops do they grow and bring in something to represent their food.
May 16 Tuesday
                China Project
                Garden Party tomorrow 11:30-12:30! Don't order food from school.Dress to                         impress and bring food!Sorry parents kids only! Ms.Burnett from Elon speaks.
May 17 Wednesday
                Garden Party etiquette class with guest speaker.
                Practice the China presentation bringing everything together. 
May 18 Thursday Share China with the other 2 classes.  

All week we will be practicing China Project and the Talent Show.

May 22 Monday
Parents are invited to the end of the year party May 22. We will have the talent show that morning if you will report to my class at 8:15, we will try to be ready to begin in cafeteria at 8:30. Remember your child is responsible for everything they will need and yes you may go all out. Be creative and make it fun. The friends from the other  classes can work together. After the talent show, we will go outside and sit on blankets (parents you may bring chairs and bring food for you and siblings). When that is finished I have a movie and craft that we will make. 
May 23 Awards DAy Tuesday
Plan to come see our class awards! I would love for all my students to come back to my classroom after the awards for class awards. 
May 24 Last Day of School :i   Half DaY