Homework Nov.6-10
            ANy Work not finished during school becomes homework!
Monday-Math Book  
                             Science Study Guide and notebook-Test Wednesday     
                            Book Report  11/15/17
                            Study Western and Midwest States and Capitals  
Tuesday  Math WS
                 Science Project Diorama and packet due Thursday
                 Science Test tomorrow on Weather -Study Study guide                    and notebook and any handouts given
                 Newspaper Week 12 Read and complete crossword
Wednesday-Science Project due tomorrow for a project grade
                       Newspaper Think and Review Complete Sentences
                       Study Map of West and Midwest States and Capitals   Thursday- Study Map States and Capitals (west and mid west)     
Friday- No School Have a wonderful weekend!!

Reminders-Monday-There will be a Comprehension passage                            Test every week.
                      Wednesday-Newspaper Crossword Puzzle due                                           Science Test-Weather
                     Thursday- Every Week Newspaper Test
                      Fridays Every Week Map States and Capitals Test                                             THIS Week Western and Midwestern States                                         and Capitals
Book Report Due Nov. 15 (Your child should have at least three books by this due date. If your child is behind please help them catch up) .                      
                    Science Project Step 2- complete Diorama and packet due Nov. 9 along with the packet paper. Presentations will begin.
                     Next week Math Topic 12 Volume Test