Homework May 7-11
Your student should be working on the power point at school and at home. The power point on the flash drive should be brought home to practice the presentation with parents. Parents help your children by listening to them practice their presentation using the power point.

All homework should be on the Homework pads dailly

Monday 5/7 Any classwork not completed.
                            Reading EOG passage practice 1-5
                            Newspaper Week 26 Crossword
Tuesday 5/8 Any classwork not completed.
                      Reading EOG passage 6-10
                      Newspaper Week 26 Back pageTest tomorrow.
Wednesday 5/9 Any classwork not completed. 
                       Reading EOG passage 11-15
                       Bed by 8:00-EOG tomorrow
Thursday 5/10No Homework
Friday  5/11 Homework- Complete STATE PROJECT POwer POint


    PLease have your student in bed by 8:00 so they can have the 10 hours necessary for a child to perform their best on the test. With good rest, good food and encouraging words, I know that the sky is the limit. Your children have worked so hard this year and I am very proud of the progress they have made as a class as well as individuals. Continue to tell them that the EOG along with any test they take is just a Celebratation of what they know. They have EVERYTHING they need to SUCCEED!! Just Do Your BEST!!
Never let it rest, till your good is better, and your better is BEST!!

EOG May 11, 12, 14