Homework February 13-17
Monday: Reading Book and questions (use as                                                   reading log)
                Math WS
Tuesday: Math WS
                 Reading Log
Wednesday: Reading Passage with questions (use as reading                              log) 
                       Study Vocabulary (Quiz tomorrow Lesson 10)
Thursday: Spelling Pretest (signed by parent for full credit)
                   Math WS  Quiz tomorrow  
                   Reading Log
Friday: Make sure you are ready to turn in the Animal Research                  paper

Reminders: Valentine's Day Tuesday-bring cards
                         WW Vocabulary Test Thursday
                         Math Quiz on what has been learned so far in Topic 12 Thursday
                         Spelling Test Friday
                         Reading Passage Test using fables Friday
                         Science Test Life Cycles and Animal Unit Friday
                         Science Animal Research Paper due Monday February 20