Paula Horning
     The end of the year is approaching quickly. We will be going on a field trip to the Mebane Conservatory in April. We are learning about the life cycles of animals and plants in our Science class. We have learned that we depend on each other. We want to protect our environment and will be showing how much waste we really make in a week by collecting certain items....toilet paper and paper towel rolls. We will find new ways to reuse these items. 
      We have learned 3-digit adding and subtracting remembering to regroup when needed. Carrying and borrowing are vital to finding the correct answer. We use mental math along with number lines to find our answers. Our centers are filled with fun practice activities that help to reinforce our math topics.
      We have completed our study of maps and globes in Social Studies. Our Flat Stanley projects were amazing. We had Flat Stanley travel all over the world to places like Mexico, North Korea, and England. Here in the states, Flat went to Mississippi, Alabama, and New York to name a few. The children really loved this project. 
      In Reading, we have assessed the kids to find their strengths and weakness by using the mClass assessments. We are implementing new strategies that will better help each student to meet his/her needs. We have learned that a good sentence has details that can be backed up with information from the text. We are learning that some questions can be answered directly from the text while others have to be inferred. We can break down the sentence into nouns, verbs and adjectives. We will be learning more about the adverbs and what they do.
      I just want to say that Horning's Crew has really been working hard and I am so proud of the accomplishments of each child. We know that we can conquer any obstacle with hard work and my crew is never afraid to put in the work. Our motto is 

    Good Better Best
    Never Let It Rest 
    Till your Good is Better
    And your Better is BEST!!!!!