Paula Horning

 Welcome to 5th Grade!  
I am so excited to see each of you in our educational journey. I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready for a fantastic year!. I can't wait for Wednesday, August 11. Things to remember on the first day.

1. Packets to fill out will come to you, please return by Friday. 
2. You do not have to buy a planner. The school has bought them for the students like last year.
3. 2 sustainable water bottles (with only water-no flavoring) for the classroom.
4. No outside food or parents to visit on Fridays until we tell you.
5. Mask must SNUGGLY fit over nose and mouth while in school. Please wash them daily!!
6. Only bring school supplies on the first day that your student can carry. Bring the cleaning supplies and other school supplies on Thursday and Friday. No parents will be allowed to come in the school.
7. My daily school hours are 7:20-3:20. Remember I am always here for you and your child. Please let me know through bloomz what I can do to help!

                           Class Moto
                      Good, Better, Best
                        Never let it rest
                    Till your Good is Better
                  and YOUR Better is BEST!!
                   I can't wait to see YOU!!

Moby Max