Paula Horning

    Good Better Best
    Never Let It Rest 
    Till your Good is Better
    And your Better is BEST!!!!!

    THIRD grade here WE Come!! The time has come to pack it all up and put on the summer attire.  Take the time to enjoy your time with these wonderful children. I feel very honored to be a part of their lives. If you could please work with your child 3 days a week this summer. When you can't, then just make it up some other time. The main reason we practice in the summer is to help the children retain what they have already learned this year.
 Math Packet----Let them do the front page alone, then check it together talking about each problem...Why did you ??? What do you do next? Then get them to do the back for a test. In the third grade, they will have to know by heart the Multiplication facts 0-12. Once the students learn the facts they will receive a class ice cream party with all the trimmings. In the car traveling, practice all the 0. On the another trip do the 1s, Just to give you an example. (2x4=8 that means two fours or 4+4=8 ----it also means four twos or 2+2+2+2=8)
  Reading Packet-----There are grammer pages and passages that I would like for your child to do alone. Then check them together and ask mclass questions as you go. There is a Mclass stem question pack to refer to.  These packets are for you and your student. Take a few minutes tonight to listen to your child read and ask them mclass question. Reverse sometimes so your child asks you a mclass question and you answer it.
     If you bring me your packet completed on the first day of school I will give you a reward. YOu'll just have to wonder what I'll give as a reward!!! LOL
     Thank you  parents for all the support this year. I look forward to watching each and every one of your children growing and becoming all that they can be. We have all worked very hard and I believe that the amount of growth shows it!! Third grade will be an adventure!! Have a safe summer and I'll see you next year!! MISS YOU!