Paula Horning

Happy New Year!! I am excited to start the new year with your children and look forward to helping them achieve their educational goals. We will start the year off setting short term and long term goals. I believe by setting goals children are empowered. It will make them stronger and more confident in their life and learning process. Our Class Moto is
                                              Good Better Best
                                              Never Let It Rest 
                                              Till your Good is Better
                                              And your Better is BEST!!!!!
THIS New Year we will start by learning the poem by William Earnest Henley, INVICTUS
 Our class shirts will state our mission
                                             I AM the MASTER of MY FATE! (with hard work I Can Do Anything!) The student's goals will be talked about and evaluated each week to help keep them on track. They must learn that you must act and do things in order for you to achieve any goals that are set. We will monitor and alter what we do to attain these set goals. Tutoring sessions will begin Jan. 22. Parent conferences will be Jan. 16-17. The NC Check In will be Jan 25-26.  

Remember children are what you say they are. Encourage them to work hard, do all work, to the BEST of YOUR ABILITY!!  and never give up!! You can do it!!  WE (teacher, parent and child) are all in it together and WE will not fail!!

Cut off date for the Washington DC Trip will be Jan. 25- WE NEED ALL STUDENTS to go and experience this adventure. We still need students to sign up. Please act NOW. We need you so all students on the wait list can go. 
I would love to make memories with your child on the DC Trip. It is already January and some students are on the wait list hoping you will sign up. The second bus must have enough passengers for the tour group to commit to taking it. We need YOU to say YES!! I can't wait to see the Washington Zoo, all the historical monuments I've only seen on TV and we will have 4 students who get to participate in the laying of the Wreath of the Unknown Soldier. If I can help you or you need information please let me know.

 Remember that Moby Max can help your child in Math and Reading making it fun to learn.  Progress can be monitored by parents and the teacher.  Practice makes Perfect!