Paula Horning

Well, it is hard to believe but the 1st nine weeks is coming to an end. I am very proud of the boys and girls for all the hard work and extra effort put toward accomplishing their goals this year in school.  They have started using their stategies in reading that will help them to comprehend and answer questions about their reading. In Math class, we are multipling and dividing decimals along with exponential notations. One of the most important things learned is that with hard work anything is achievable. Our moto is
    Good Better Best
    Never Let It Rest 
    Till your Good is Better
    And your Better is BEST!!!!!

Friday or Weekly folders should be emptied each week. The only papers to sign are graded quizzes and tests (hopefully they will be in the daily folder)
Remember any concerns for your child, please let me know ASAP.

I would love to make memories with your child on the DC Trip. There is 5 months left to sign up with monthly payments and your child can have a trip they will never forget. Smithsonian, Washington Monuments, Holocaust (for fifth graders) Exhibit, the Arlington Cemetery and much more.  Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Also remember that Moby Max can help your child in Math and Reading making it fun to learn.  Progress can be monitored by parents and the teacher.  Practice makes Perfect!