Mikala Hines

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Field Trip: 

When- April 17th

Where- Durham Science Center

Cost- $11.00 for students, for chaperones an additional $10.00

Money Due: April 5th

What to wear: Close toed shoes and a light jacket (in case of rain)

Lunch: Bring a disposable bag lunch (please- no peanut butter) 



 Upcoming Tests & Quizzes

Vocabulary- 4/04 Quiz & 4/11 Test & 4/12 Vocab Sentence Project (in-class)

Spelling- 4/05 Quiz (sort) & 4/12 Test

Cafe- Math- Test 4/ 2

Social Studies- Test or quiz 4/5 Science-

What We Are Learning

Cafe- In cafe, We are learning about folktales. Folktales are stories that are passed down by word of mouth. The 4 types of folktales we are learning about are myths, legends, fables, and fairy tales. Students need to be able read a folktale and identify what type and why it's that type of folktale. (For example, Cinderella is a fairy tale because it has magic)

Writing- In writing, we are working on persuasive writing prompts. Students will relate this back to author's purpose. Persuasive writing means that I'm trying to convince or change the mind of someone's opinion. For example, being for or against a specific topic. Math- In math, we are finishing money and then we are going into geometry. Students will be able to identify and describe shapes based on their attributes. Social Studies- Students will be able to create a map and lead the way to their favorite special. They will need to include a legend, compass rose, title, and symbols. Science-