What Are We Learning?

CAFE:  We will begin our unit on plays.  We will be reading and discussing different plays and the vocab that goes along with plays.  Students will be practicing a play to perform to the Kindergarten classes.

Math: Topic 13--Perimeter.  We will discuss finding perimeter of a figure, word problems with perimeter, and finding the measurement of unknown sides.  There will be a quiz Monday, 3/27.  Tuesday we will begin talking about area of a figure.

**Please continue to study multiplication and division facts at home.  It is very important they have they memorized!**

Vocab: Students will get new lesson 13 words.  The will have a quiz Friday.

Spelling: Students will get a new spelling list (-ed and -ing endings).  They will have a test Friday, 4/7.

Writing: Students will finish up their poetry flip book.  They will begin writing their own play.

Science:  Life cycle of a plant.