What Are We Learning?

CAFE:  This week is Dr. Seuss Read Across America week.  To celebrate, we will be reading different Dr. Seuss books and doing fun crafts/activities to go along with them.

Math: We will be reviewing everything we've learned about fractions.  There will be a fraction test on Wednesday.  We have covered naming a fraction based on how much of a shape is shaded, benchmark fractions, equivalent fractions, and parts of a whole.  After the test, we will begin our time unit.
**Please continue to study multiplication and division facts at home.  It is very important they have they memorized!**

Vocab: Students will get lesson 11 vocab words.  They will have a quiz Friday.

Spelling: Students will get a new list of spelling words.  These words have the -ery,     -ary, -ory ending patterns.

Writing: Students will be writing about an animal they create and discuss it's special talent.

Social Studies: We will begin our unit on economics.