What Are We Learning?

CAFE:  We will begin talking about author's purpose and how they convey their purpose.  Author's write to either Persuade, Inform, or Entertain (PIE).  Quiz on Wednesday.

Math: Module 3-- Writing 3 digit numbers in unit form, word form, and expanded form. Show the value of of digit in a number (357--the value of the 7 is 7, the value of the 5 is 50, and the value of the 3 is 300).  Students will have a quiz on Monday on the place value we learned the previous week.

Science:  We will continue discussing the sun and students will be making a project about the sun.

Writing: Using the writing process to write a narrative.

Spelling: Sight words for this week: thought, light, head, under, story.
Students will be tested on their spelling pattern from their words in their folder on Friday.