What Are We Learning?

CAFE: Author's Purpose--why does an author write? Persuade, Inform, Entertain (PIE).  Test on Thursday.

Math: Module 3--Place value within 1,000.  Write a number in standard and expanded form, telling the value of the number in the ones, tens, and hundreds place.  Place value word problems.  Mid Module test on Thursday.  Review will be emailed out Monday.

Social Studies: Values, beliefs, and identity of different cultures.  Students will work in a small group and research a culture from around the world.

Spelling/Phonics: Short and long vowel diagraphs (ay, ai, eigh, ey, ee, ea, oa, oe, ow).  Spelling Test Oct. 8 (see email for spelling test explanation).
Sight words: more, way, go, could, come, did, get, part, find, made

Writing: Steps of the writing process.