Homework packet will be due every Friday for a grade!


-In your student's homework folder, you will find a reading log.  Please have your student record their reading each night.  Idealy, it would be good for students to read 20 minutes each night.  If their stamina isn't up to that (stamina is only 4-5 minutes in class when silent reading), they can read for 5-10 minutes.  This early in the year, any amount of reading is great! 

-The homework packet will include a weekly comprehension passage with questions.


-The two math sheets need to be completed.


-Your student's spelling list will be sent home on Monday.  They will have the words for two weeks.  At the end of two weeks, they will have a spelling test on Friday.


-Students will have the same vocabulary words for 2 weeks.  They will make flash cards to help them learn the meaning of the words.  The flashcards will be in a bag and should stay in the homework folder. Students only need to know the meaning of the words and will not be tested on the spelling.  Vocabulary quizzes will be every Friday and vocabulary tests will be every other Friday.  There will be one quiz and one test on the same list of vocabulary words.