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Check out the tabs for important information, announcements, and updates in our classroom.  The "What Are We Learning" tab will be updated weekly!

Hi Parents,
I have created a tab called "Extended Learning" linked on the left side of this page.  This tab includes reading, math, science, spelling, and writing resources.  Each week while we're out, I will update this homepage with the page numbers I recommend your child doing.  If you don't want to print these sheets out, students can write their answers on a piece of notebook paper.

I encourage you to set aside time each day for your child to focus on reading and math assignments.  This is to ensure that students are still practicing their skills we have learned this far.

My office hours are 10-12 Monday - Friday.  During these hours you can reach out to me via email, Zoom, etc and I will be readily available.  I will be available throughout the day as well if you have any other questions.

Zoom Schedule:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30-2:00
Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-4:15

Flipgrid: Don't forget to check Flipgrid and look for new topics I have added.  I love to see your responses!

Daily Check In Google Doc--Your child can go to this google doc each day and answer the questions/prompts and I can respond to them.  This is a great way for the kids and me to stay connected while we are out!


Week 8 MATH Suggested Assignments (5/11-5/15) 

Along with the daily math worksheets, please try to complete an additional 20 minutes on either Zearn, Xtra math or practice math facts. This can include any educational math game for 20 minutes. 

Below is a suggested schedule to pace out the pages. 

Monday – Pages 5, 6 

Tuesday – Pages 7, 8 

Wednesday – Pages 9, 10 

ThursdayPages  11, 12

FridayPages  13, 14

We are also going to start providing Math Centers for the kids to complete, as a choice, in addition to the daily math worksheets. This can be done instead of working on Zearn or Xtra math. Or they can do a combination of the three. 20 minutes of the daily worksheet, 10 minutes of Zearn and 10 min of math centers. 

There is a separate folder specifically for the math centers. In the first file there is a math center packet that you can turn into a book. (This is not required, they may just complete the problems on paper, making sure that the problems are labeled by centers to keep track of them.) 

I have added Center 6 and Center 7 to the folder, they are 3-digit addition centers the kids should know exactly what to do for these centers.   




Week 8 READING Suggested Assignments (5/11-5/15): 

We have selected a different passage for each day of the week along with questions that follow.  

Monday- Page 1 of and answer questions for “John F. Kennedy” passage.  Due by Sunday. 

Tuesday – Page 7-8 of and answer questions for “Chickens” passage. 

WednesdayPage 11-12 of and answer questions for “Mighty Mighty Ants” passage. 

ThursdayPage 15-16 of and answer questions for “Rating Rocks” passage. 

FridayPage 18-19 of pdf... read and answer questions for “Meet Minmi” passage. 


Week 8 Social Studies Suggested Assignments (5/11-5/15):
Go to Brain Pop Jr and click on “social studies”.  Students can watch any video in “economics” and “citizenship”.  After watching the video, do the quiz or any of the other activities.


Week 8 Spelling/Writing Suggested Assignments (5/11-5/15): 

Work through the 2nd Grade Memory Book.  Make sure to using complete sentences and write neatly! 
 Free resources to use during school closure:

Science--Here is the link to BrainPop-free access.
Username: RMAjags235
Password: RMAjags235

This is a google form that is compiling all of the free resources/websites giving free access during the school closures. 

Parents can create a free login to access the science experiments.

Virtual Field Trips 

You can make your own spinner for any subject.  This can be used for writing topics your child can do at home.  All you have to do is edit it to what you want! 



Email me with any questions or concerns: