School Supply & Wish List

Fifth  Grade  Supply List 

1 Package of pencil top erasers 

6 Glue sticks

2 Highlighters

500  3x5 Index Cards

4 EXPO dry-erase markers (NOT fine)

2 Red pens for checking homework

1 Pencil Pouch OR a Pencil Box

6 Composition notebooks (not spiral bound) different colors

4 packages of filler notebook paper

1 Mead® blue plastic folder with pockets (Daily Work folder)

1 Mead® green plastic folder with pockets (Friday folder)

1 Mead® yellow plastic folder with pockets (Spanish folder)

1 Package of mechanical pencils with additional lead and/or a package of #2 pencils

1 Package of Crayola® Twistables (8-count) colored pencils

1 Pair Fiskars® scissors

1 Ream of white copy paper (500 sheets)

2 Boxes of facial tissue

1 Roll of paper towels

1 container of Clorox® wipes 

1 Assignment notebook or a composition notebook for assignments

1 Book box (a metal or plastic magazine file)

Boys only – 1 Package of colored copy paper

Girls only – 1 large bottle of hand sanitizer

1 Set of earphones/earbuds for use in the Media Center 
(a set from the Dollar Store is fine – please place in a Ziploc® bag labeled with student’s name)

Amazon Fire Tablet & cover

playground equipment

regular size clip board

 Duck Tape - any color/design

package of staples

paper clips