A Look At Our Learning

August and September
Students will:

*Learn the First 20 Days of CAFE/Daily Five Stations
*Ask and answer questions, Fiction and Non-Fiction text features
*Understand Author's Purpose (PIE)
*Explain the structure of a fiction story, using sequence and summarizing
*Describe character traits

*Practice fluency with with sums and differences within 100 (adding and subtracting)
*Understand place value and representing numbers in different ways
*Learn break apart number bond strategy to solve equations
*Understand concepts of a ruler, adding and subtracting length units
*Measure and estimate length using different tools
*Compare lengths using different length units
*Relate addition and subtraction to length

*Begin 120 Things About Me Booklet
*Be introduced to using personal memories (small moment stories)
*Write a short narrative with sequence of events
*Make their own autobiography

Social Studies-
*Exemplify characteristics of good citizenship through historical figures
*Explain why it is important to be a good citizen and participate in the community
*Explain government services and community helpers and their value to the community
*Explain how gov. establish order, provide security, and create laws

*Summarize how energy from the sun serves as a source of light that warms the land, air, and water
*Understand weather conditions using qualitative and quantitative measures to describe temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and precipitation
*Compare weather patterns to time of day and time of year