A Look At Our Learning

Students will learn about:
(*=current skill being taught )

Reading:Asking and Answering Questions
Nonfiction vs Fiction
Non-fiction Text Features
Author's Purpose
Story Structure (Beginning,  Middle, End)
*Main Idea

Math:Adding and subtracting within 100
Place Value
Different forms of Numbers
Comparing Numbers
*Different Methods for Addition and Subtraction

Writing:Brainstorming ideas
*Nouns (Common and Proper)
*Correct sentence structure
*Verbs (past and present)

Social Studies:Types of Communities
Local and State Government
*Famous Historical Figures

Science:The importance of our Sun
Qualitative vs Quantitative Measurements

Spelling Words:

Spelling Words 11/2 - 11/13

 1. live

 2. me

 3. back

 4. give

 5. most

 6. very

 7. after

 8. thing

 9. our

10. just