A Look At Our Learning

October and November
Students will:

*Understand Author's Purpose of any text
*Determine the structure of fiction stories (Beginning, middle, end with sequence)
*Explain character traits
*Determine the main idea of fiction and non-fiction texts
*Understand and compare facts and opinions
*Compare and contrast different pieces of literature

*Understand p
lace value, counting, and comparisons of numbers to 1000
*Solve Addition and Subtraction within 200
*Solve Word Problems to 100
*Interact with holiday based review stations

*Make their own autobiography
*Write their own mini-book (The Library Mouse)
*Write their opinion about a book
*Take a stand on a topic school related, food related, or movie related
*Write by supporting their opinion about Thanksgiving:
Favorite tradition or Favorite food 

Social Studies-
*Give examples of ways in which people depend on the physical environment and natural resources to meet basic needs.
*Explain how people positively ad negatively affect the environment.
*Give examples of ways in which businesses in the community meet the needs and wants of consumers.
*Summarize the concept of supply and demand
*Explain why people and countries around the world trade for goods and services
*Explain how money is used for saving, spending, borrowing, and giving

*Recognize the tools that scientists use for observing, recording, and predicting weather changes from day to day and throughout the seasons
*Illustrate how sound is produced
*Summarize the relationship between sound and objects of the body
*Give examples of matter that change from solid to liquid and from liquid to solid by heating and cooling