A Look At Our Learning

November at a Glance:

Reading: Students will…
-Explain how specific illustrations contribute to what is being conveyed in the text (mood, setting, characters)
-Use information gained from text, illustrations, maps, and photographs to demonstrate understanding of text.

Math: Students will…
-Use known multiplication facts for factors 1-12.
-Understand meaning of Division and the relationship to multiplication (fact families).
-Practice to memorize multiplication and division facts

Social Studies: Students will…
-Learn how people adapt to the environment to meet their needs. *Native American /Pilgrim Unit.
-Explain change over time through historical narratives. *Native American and First Settlers unit.
-Compare languages, foods, and traditions of various groups
-Understand how cultures borrow and share from each other

Writing: Students will…
-Finish up Class Research Book on Tarantulas.
-Write a Narrative project. (from the point of view of a native American or pilgrim)