Homework Reading Questions
Questions for Expository (Nonfiction) Texts:

1. What topic(s) does this book describe?
2. Was the information easy for you to understand?  Why?  
3. What facts did you like learning about the most?  Why?
4. what information would you be eager to share with someone else?  Why?
5. Would you like to read more books about this topic?  Why?
6. What questions are you left with after reading this text?  How can you find the answers?

1. How is the information in this book presented/organized?
2. Were there any special text features in the book?  Tell about them.  (Headings, sub-headings, table of contents, index, etc?)
3. How did the text features help you in your reading?

1. Who is the author?  What qualifies them to write this information?
2. What would you ask the author if you met her/him?
3. What kind of research did the author have to do to write this book?
4. Does this book provide recent information?  Where could you look to find more information about the topic?

1. Did you understand what the author was saying?  Which information was the easiest to understand?  Why?
2. Would this book or information be different if it were written ten  years ago?  Why?
3. By reading this, did you discover anything that could help you outside of school?
4. Is this book like any other book you have read?  How is it alike or different?  Which one do you like better?  Why?
5. Was the information well organized?  Give an example from the text of why or why not.
6. Was the information told straight to you or is it in story form?  How can you tell?
7. What could the author have done to make the information easier to understand?

Questions for Fiction Text:

1. What is the author trying to tell you in this book?
2. What did the author have to know to write this book?
3. What kind of things does the author like or dislike?  How can you tell from the book?
4. Why do you think the author wrote this book?
5. Would you read any other books by this author?  Why or why not?

1. What are the main things that have happened in the story?
2. Were you able to guess what was going to happen next?  What clues did you use?
3. What would you have done differently if you had been one of the characters?
4. Tell another event that might have happened in the story.
5. Tell another way the story could have ended.
6. Which chapter do you think is the most important to the story?  Why?
7. What is the problem of the story?
8. How is the problem solved? (The resolution)  How do you know?
9. Tell about another way the problem could have been solved.

1. Why do you think the author wrote this book?
2. What message is the author trying to leave you with?
3. What lesson have you learned from this story?

1. What special words does the author use to help you ese, hear, smell, and taste things in the story?
2. What pictures did the author leave in your mind?
3. What did you like about the way the author has written this story?
4. How did the author describe the characters?
5. How did the author keep you interested?
6. What strengths did the author have?  
7. What did you like about the author's style?
8. By reading this book, what did you discover that could help you outside of school?
9. What would you like to learn about this topic?
10. How is the book like another book you've read?  Which one did you like better?  Why?

1. How did you feel the majority of the time while reading this story?  Why did you feel that way?
2. What was the most exciting thing that happened in the story?  Why?
3. What was the funniest/saddest/strangest thing that happened?  Why?
4. How did the author make you feel the way you did?