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MAY TESTING IS SCHEDULED!!  Check our class calendar to see when to expect EOG's to happen in our classroom!

Image result for early releaseStudents will be released at 11:30 on March 16th and 17th for Face to Face Conferences.  

WILMINGTON FIELD TRIP INFO.Image result for Wilmington, NC

Our trip will be on April 24th!  We will visit the Battleship, Fort Fisher Aquarium and the beach!

*Paper Towels
*Laminating Sheets like this...

Book It!
CONGRATS to our February readers who met the goal of 450 minutes!  March's goal is 450 minutes and logs are due on March 31st!  This is the last month of Book It!

FRIDAY FOLDERS (and weekly behavior report)
ALL students should be bringing home their green Friday folder at the end of our school week.  It is their responsibility this year to get it from the basket and put it in their book bag each week.  Please help them/me by asking on Fridays where their folder is.  Please sign the behavior report and send it back on the next day we attend school! I take all behavior reports home on Thursday evenings to fill them out.  Unless there is an absence to factor in, there should be no reason I am receiving their Friday folder any later than the second day of a school week!  They are losing class room money for every day that it's late.  Thanks for your support!!

Lunch Information:
 The cost of one school lunch is now $3.75 daily.  To be absolutely safe that your order goes through in time, I would suggest ordering your students' lunches by Wed. mid day the week BEFORE.  You can order up to a month ahead!

FRIDAY LUNCHES!Image result for lunch
You, or any family member/friend, are welcome to bring a lunch to share with your student on Fridays from an outside vendor!  Our lunch time begins at 11:35 and goes until 12:05.