Garden Behavior Management
Behavior Clip Chart:

Super Student-Pink
Great Choices-Blue
Ready to Learn-Green
Think about it-Yellow
Teacher's Choice-Orange
Parent Contact-Red
The students will start on ready to learn every day.  Depending on their behavior/choices they will move up and down the chart throughout the day. If a student lands on teachers choice, I will decide based on their behavior what consequence to implement. If the bad behavior continues and they land on Parent contact, either myself or Mrs. Braxton will contact you. However, the students will be able to earn their way back up the chart as they start making better choices. If a student gets all the way to the top, they will receive a small reward. Instead of stickers, we will color in the day with what color your child landed on by the end of the day. If they landed on a color below green, I will include a note.