Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of May 13th - May 17th: 

Cafe (Literacy block): We are going to read books about different kinds of frogs. We will compare and contrast their habitats.

Sight words: REVIEW
Previously taught words: I, a, see, like, the, can, is, in, it, on, go, to, look, are, my, and, have, of, for, at, you, what, come, we, up, all, do, they, your, said, he, she, no, be, me, so, as, one, that, was, his, or, with, from, had, here, not, by, an, when, her, but, if, will, there, has, am, who, this, him, did, get, then, some, how, down, out, make, into, more, use, now

Word Study:  This week we are learning about digraphs: 2 consonants that make ONE sound. We will learn to read and write words with on of the four digraphs we learned: sh, ch, th, wh

Writing: We will continue working on our final frog project! 

Math:  This week we will use data to create graphs and solve word problems using our graphs; including, questions about more and less.