Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of April 24th-28th

Cafe (Literacy block): This week we are reading books about Earth Day. We will read to find out ways to help protect and keep Earth healthy. We will continue working on asking and/or answering questions about what we are reading. 

Sight words: review 

      Previously learned words: a, I, am, to, go, like, the, see, can, are, have, it, is, in, me, my, on, he, has, at, for, look, she, and, we, do, be, you, up, will, so, had, if, no, said, or, not, with, his, by, all, that, what, there, him, her, as, they, who, an, from, was, of, when, but, been, one, this, would, come, which, here, were, their

Word Study: We are practicing the CVC spelling pattern.  This week we will read, match, and write words with a short vowel "e" sound and sort them by ending "rimes" (word families) such as- et, -en, eg

Writing: This week we are going to continue narrative writing.  We will write a story about ways to help Earth including first, next, and last (3 events/sentences).

Science/ Social Studies: This week we will learn facts about ways to help planet Earth by: using less, reusing things, and keeping the air and water clean.

Math: We will finish up Unit16- More about shapes.  We will learn about how shapes can be used to make (compose) other shapes and more about 3-D shapes (solid figures).