Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of March 18th - March 22nd: 

Cafe (Literacy block): We are reading non fiction stories this week about types of weather. We will practice asking questions before, during, and after reading a story. 

Sight words: did, get, then

Previously taught words: I, a, see, like, the, can, is, in, it, on, go, to, look, are, my, and, have, of, for, at, you, what, come, we, up, all, do, they, your, said, he, she, no, be, me, so, as, one, that, was, his, or, with, from, had, here, not, by, an, when, her, but, if, will, there, has, am, who, this, him

Word Study:  This week we are beginning CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) spelling pattern. We will look at words that end in -et and -ed. 

Writing: We will write a narrative story about a rainy day. Our story will include 3 sentences to tell the beginning, middle, and end of the story. 

Math:  This week we are continuing Module 5. We will focus on numbers past 20...up to 100. We will look at the count by 10's pattern and how the numbers repeat to make each decade number.