Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of September 24th-28th: 

Cafe (Literacy block): We are reading non-fiction stories about fall. We will compare the non-fiction stories with a couple of fiction stories about fall.  If it is non-fiction the author writes facts and if it is fiction the author writes a story (made up).  If it is fiction the illustrations are drawn (usually) and if it is non-fiction the illustrations are photographs (mostly). By the end of the week, your student should be able to identify a book as non-fiction or fiction using the author's words (when read to them) and illustrations as clues.

Sight words: is, in

Previously taught words: I, a, see, like, the, can

Word Study:  This week we are learning all about letter "Mm".  We will learn how to write the letter, the sound it makes, and words that begin with that letter. 

Writing: We will write about things we do and see in the fall.  We will focus on knowing how many words are in the sentence we want to write and how good writers put spaces between each word.

Math:  We will wrap-up with knowing our numbers 1-10 in sequence and recognizing the pattern of "one more" when the numbers are in order. 1 more than 1 is 2; 1 more than 2 is 3; 1 more than 3 is 4; 1 more than 4 is 5; 1 more than 5 is 6; 1 more than 6 is 7; 1 more than 7 is 8; 1 more than 8 is 9; 1 more than 9 is 10