Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of Feb. 13th - Feb.17th 

Cafe (Literacy block): This week we are reading some fiction Valentine's Day books.  We will use the fiction stories to review and practice sequencing/ retelling the events of a story in order.

Sight words: as, they, who

      Previously learned words: a, I, am, to, go, like, the, see, can, are, have, it, is, in, me, my, on, he, has, at, for, look, she, and, we, do, be, you, up, will, so, had, if, no, said, or, not, with, his, by, all, that, what, there, him, her

Word Study: Qq (identifying the letter, making the letter sound, and writing the letter correctly)

Writing: This week we are going to use a circle map to write sentences about things we love.  We will focus on using our letter sounds to sound out words for the circle map independently. 

Science/ Social Studies: This week we will look at how to be a good citizen/ friend at school. 

Math: We are exploring measurement in Unit 12. This week we will practice comparing lengths, height and capacity of different objects.