Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of May 14

Cafe (Literacy block): We are continuing our study of different animal habitats. We will identify the main idea of each story and details/facts about the habitat. We will read about forest and rain forest habitats this week. 

Sight words: land, picture, answer, work

Already introduced: out, will, look, come, get, find, him, did, her, call, part, here, down, some, into, first, then, now, many, long, where, than, about, more, make, made, who, them, write, could, these, way, other, time, may, water, day, people, because, number, red, two, over, new, place, small, play, why, went, us, little, take, only, know, good, come, where, want, any, such, follow, show, also, page, say, give, live, home, well, back, even, don't, much, before, most, put, around, does, going, tell, asked, kind, turned, old, move, need, sound, very, house, were, must, I'm, learn, found, away, should, change, dry, after, things, still, large, again, right, animals, same

Word Study:  This week we are looking at the "ur" (bossy r) spelling pattern. 

Writing: We will complete our final project with facts about our animals. 

Science/ Social Studies:  We are learning about the different animals that go through metamorphosis. 

Math:  We will take our Units 13-16 benchmark and EOY math benchmark this week.