Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of Dec. 11- Dec. 18

Cafe (Literacy block): This week we are reading books about gingerbread characters. We will practice retelling the stories and comparing and contrasting characters, setting, and events from the stories. 

Sight words: number, red, two

Already introduced: out, will, look, come, get, find, him, did, her, call, part, here, down, some, into, first, then, now, many, long, where, than, about, more, make, made, who, them, write, could, these, way, other, time, may, water, day, people, because

Word Study:  This week we are learning the "magic e" spelling pattern.  When e is at the end of a word we say that it is silent and "magical"... it makes the vowel say its name (long vowel sound).  Some examples are: cake, plane, shape, etc.  We will practice with the long vowel i spelling i_e. 

Writing: We will write an imaginative story about how to catch a gingerbread man including a beginning, middle, and end.

Science/ Social Studies:  With our study of gingerbread we are going to learn about how it is made and do a science experiment: What happens if the gingerbread man gets wet?

Math:  We will begin Unit 7: Numbers to 120.  We focus on the pattern of building numbers using 10's and ones. We will finish up the unit on Wednesday and take our assessment on Thursday.