Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of Feb. 19-Feb. 23

Cafe (Literacy block): This week we are looking for features that are unique to a non-fiction text.  Some things to look for are: captions, headings, diagrams/charts, maps, table of contents, glossary, and index. 

Sight words: also, say, page, give

Already introduced: out, will, look, come, get, find, him, did, her, call, part, here, down, some, into, first, then, now, many, long, where, than, about, more, make, made, who, them, write, could, these, way, other, time, may, water, day, people, because, number, red, two, over, new, place, small, play, why, went, us, little, take, only, know, good, come, where, want, any, such, follow, show

Word Study:  This week we are continuing our exploration of other long vowel spelling patterns.  We will focus on words with -ee that say the long e sound.  For example: tree, feed, bee, creep

Writing: We will write a "speech" about what they would do if they were the president.  We will work on including an opening and closing sentence. 

Science/ Social Studies:  We will learn facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and why they are important to our history. 

Math:  We will finish Unit 10: Addition with 2-digit numbers.  By the end of the unit the students should be able to add 2- two-digit numbers and know how to make a ten (regroup) when necessary. The unit test is on Friday, Feb.23rd.