Ladybugs Learning...

Ladybugs are Learning....
Week of Oct. 23-27

Cafe (Literacy block): This week we will identify a book as either fiction or nonfiction. We will use a fiction and nonfiction text on the same topic to explain ways the two books are the same or different. This weeks topic is: SPIDERS!

Sight words: than, about, more

Already introduced: out, will, look, come, get, find, him, did, her, call, part, here, down, some, into, first, then, now, many, long, where

Word Study:  This week we will continue to practice spelling and reading words with l-blends. (sl, pl, fl,gl, bl, cl) Blends are two consonants that make two sounds found at the beginning of a word. We will also make and read words from the -un word family  (bun, sun, fun)

Writing: This week we are continuing expository writing (writing facts).  We will use what we learn about bats to write sentences.  This week we will begin talking about opening and closing sentences to make a paragraph about spiders.

Science/ Social Studies:  We are learning about spiders. We will do a couple experiments exploring how spiders eat their food and how they don't stick to their spider web.  

Math:  We will begin Unit 5 this week. It explores addition to totals of 20.