Classroom Behavior

This year we are using a color system to keep track of student choices in the room.  I will also use Class Dojo for communication and updates on your child's behavior throughout the day.  Please sign up for access to your students daily behavior through their website. Your unique access code will be sent home in your child's folder by Friday, August 19th.

Check out this informational power point and video about this tool.

Class Rules/ Specials:
    This year the students will help come up with our classroom rules.  These rules are used to guide changing their color (negative point) or earning points for good choices.

1. Be kind and helpful
2. No touching
3. Walking feet
4. Listen and follow directions quickly
5. Raise and cover for help and to talk

Hallway Rules:

1. Level "0" voice
2. Stay in line with eyes forward
3. Walking feet
4. "Lips and hip"
5. No touching

Rules for the bathroom:

1. Level "0" voice
2. Walking feet
3. No touching
4. Respect others privacy
5. Turn off the water when your finished washing your hands
6. Flush the toilet

Rules for the Carpet:

1. No touching
2. Sit still, criss-cross on your bottom
3. Level "0" voice
4. Raise and cover to speak
5. Eyes on the teacher

Rules for the playground:

1. Watch where you are going
2. No touching
3. No jumping from high places
4. Stay off the fence
5. One at a time- down the slides 
6. Line up quickly

Rules for the Cafeteria:

1. Level "0" (no talking) when the red cups are out
2. Level "1" (whisper) when the red cups are picked up
3.Raise and cover if you need help. Stay seated at all times
4. No touching
5. Eat your food, don't play with it.

Students will earn positive points for making good choices and following the rules throughout the building.  Each point earned is recorded with a reason (ex. working hard, following directions, kind to others, teamwork). Once students earn 10 points they will get to go to the prize box or pick a prize certificate.  Prizes will be awarded on Fridays.


When a student makes a bad choice, it will result in losing points on the Class Dojo website so you can see immediately what the behavior was. In the classroom, they will have 3 warnings before I take a point.  Each point they lose correlates to a change in color. Everyone begins with a green ladybug everyday.  IF they use up their 3 warnings, then they will change their green ladybug to yellow, if another rule is broken their ladybug will change to blue.  If they make another bad choice their ladybug will be at red.  If they are on red there will be a written office referral for behavior to address and correct any choices they have made.

The following consequences will be used when they lose a point :


Loss of 1 point (yellow ladybug)-  walk 4 laps

Loss of 2 points (blue ladybug)- walk 8 laps

Loss of 3 points (red ladybug)- phone call/email/note home 
office referral for behavior
walk 10 laps

*Students are sent to the office for fighting and severe continuous and/or disruptive behavior. 

Redemption policy: Students are encouraged to make good choices in order to change back from a blue or yellow ladybug.  This is to help with trying to get them to turn their day around in a more positive way, rather than considering the day is already ruined once they reach those colors.