Classroom Behavior

This year we are going to continue to use Class Dojo for communication and updates on your child's behavior throughout the day. 

Check out this informational power point and video about this tool.

Class Rules/ Specials:
    This year the students will help come up with our classroom rules.  These rules are used to guide losing a point for not following the rules or earning points for good choices.

1. Be kind and helpful
2. No touching
3. Walking feet
4. Listen and follow directions quickly
5. Raise and cover for help and to talk

Hallway Rules:

1. Level "0" voice
2. Stay in line with eyes forward
3. Walking feet
4. "Lips and hip"
5. No touching

Rules for the bathroom:

1. Level "0" voice
2. Walking feet
3. No touching
4. Respect others privacy
5. Turn off the water when your finished washing your hands
6. Flush the toilet

Rules for the Carpet:

1. No touching
2. Sit still, criss-cross on your bottom
3. Level "0" voice
4. Raise and cover to speak
5. Eyes on the teacher

Rules for the playground:

1. Watch where you are going
2. No touching
3. No jumping from high places
4. Stay off the fence
5. One at a time- down the slides 
6. Line up quickly

Rules for the Cafeteria:

1. Level "0" (no talking) when the red cups are out
2. Level "1" (whisper) when the red cups are picked up
3.Raise and cover if you need help. Stay seated at all times
4. No touching
5. Eat your food, don't play with it.

Students will earn positive points for making good choices and following the rules throughout the building.  Each point earned is recorded with a reason (ex. working hard, following directions, kind to others, teamwork). Students will earn their choice of a prize coupon when they have 25, 50, 75, and 100 points.  Points will reset every 100 points. 


When a student makes a bad choice, it will result in losing points on the Class Dojo website so you can see immediately what the behavior was. In the classroom, they will have 1 warning before I take a point.

The following consequences will be used when they lose a point :


Loss of 2 points -  walk 4 laps

Loss of 4 points - phone call/email/note home 
 walk 8 laps

Loss of 5 points- office referral for behavior
walk 10 laps

*Students are sent to the office for fighting and severe continuous and/or disruptive behavior.